Thursday, August 2, 2018

out of two, one

"sanaa is kiswahili for sculpture; piece of art. a sculpture is an 'image of'. what a mirror serves. 'who is the fairest?!' these are the daily struggles of those afraid of the sun. imitations of everything dark. rather word be a reflection, than face what lies in truth as the image of earth. people of dirt. real farmers that give water connecting points between fish and birds. a tree as the sculptor of the bridge transporting thirst. this water's divide makes the scales of a fish become feathers, the temperature's watch. the waters are warming, birds of the Sahara warn. deserted people remain stuck contemplating how to build an image that will surface as their's, a tree. wooden parts that need a carpenter, a real farmer to turn them, even in water, into a living perch. an art form. idea then sanaa, or two to one."

mitishamba ~ in Woman i trust.
'green carving'

"the first black person to..... the second human too. why place yourself second, then first to, if any, an accomplishment?! i mean, it's an oxymoron to deem oneself the first second person to have done anything first, secondly. mind boggling. this small inferance that arrives at the conclusion that what a black man accomplishes must be measured against another race, in my opinion, places an unnecessary responsibility for a black person to compete. constantly. as in, constantly. competing in other people's races, thus forgetting to participate in theirs. or too tired to do so. possibly from chasing the ghost of being the best when that position has already been arrived at. perceptively so, however. greatly done to where being second class becomes self inflicted. the first black person to?! the first black person to use their beings, their temples, in an effort to showcase that what God gave them, needs another's blessing. as though there exists a need to have one's existence checked at the door. verified then stamped as yes indeed, you are of other human completion. they are, after we got. my God, She seconds none. and thirdly, She knows no rank. no rant is better in prayer. no child needs more favor. and She knows that, it is better be the second Mother, than the first half."

mitishamba ~ who split?!
'children of the green'

Thursday, July 26, 2018

speaking clearly

"the essence of my blog is such that i present clearly with fog what i faith is. i believe God is a Woman. why?! i also had to ask. well, because She talks too much. and in so doing - since talking has been established an action - a presence of introspection She enacts. in part because there's no way that after creating, a male looks at the track. She, however, can recount with absolution the steps taken up to the point of impact. a collision of organs that gravity keeps intact. She knows art. he simply knows parts. direction, but not where to actually arrive at. only She can dress Her boy as the brother because a man's identity is Hers to match. in any way, i can go on and on about what verses speak of whom and wombs but i'd rather be a man coz that's too big a load to carry on One's back. yes, anywhere on earth only She can." Woman i Trust.
"batman vs Her greenery"