Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Lost Shepherd

I'm not one to remain numb like a sheered sheep that's waiting for the sun. A greedy shepherd makes obvious his crooked ways so he remains dumb. Time can't heal that wound until the season turns to where the shivering animal regains its wool. I call it foot and the diseased mouth would be quick to bring some scissors again during winter but he's the fool. Following only the scent that digs pockets thus forcibly making an animal lose its jacket while ignorant to the parable of a golden goose. The sheep still follow but the shepherd dies as the brightness of the day make it difficult for even his clients to remain just or cool. Demand is cruel and their souls need fuel so they crawl on all fours as a testament of their desperate moves. Their ass is showing and to the West its blowing polluting free air with toxic fumes that when the moon rises, they all turn mules. The sheep do follow, not each other, but the shit they do swallow and leave behind is proof that the shepherd and sheep share a common thread that's commonly used ~ Hair like Wool.

"Eat, I'm Green"

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Call Me Ishmael.

"I could call myself a jack of all trades but that would require trading for Daniel who's jack showed in threes. Blurred in vision like the king that wanted him burning in a furnace only to be shocked by what he ended up seeing. Seeing as though I'm not one to brag I'm just gonna upend economics through jacking with every place I swim. Liquid gold are my thoughts that produce fluid verses that commit my words to writing under the influence. That's Jack Daniels that causes confusion to an amateur consumer who gulps every sign but staggers in my penman's inquest. Confused it seems, seems to be what others would feel when I complete a boast with some subtle kindness. Kindly give up because this is an intellectual stick-up, so I'm not gonna ask to see hands up coz my confidence is full, hands down. I'm done for now with messing with the softness of the cushion of life's conveniences that make morons out of jacks that trade only in words without wisdom. I'll call it how I see it, Wale, Kendrick, Lupe, and maybe just a few new others would even come close to the level of Hip Hop's greatness. Lately the game has many cats feeling tardy so they spring forth to the mic but catch it in winter, frozen. And often the competition is reduced to one hits with knockouts for those that chase fame and not fortune. A career gangster the emblem of a fall back plan that involves the slow decline of one's income that is forced to revolve around costumes. Swag on fool with jacking with only one side of a dream only to wake up with the nightmare of responsibilities and other mental tortures. I jack with many and trade with few because I'm frugal with verbs, careful not to exhaust myself by simply chasing. Obviously I won't catch all but the many I jack with I know I have my all invested so I beg to differ from the ones that see Hip and just start pacing. Sheep, nah, Shepherd, maybe, so excuse me for the wool that I put on for this stage because I know after a fall, its for winter's taking. I'm Ishmael and if its Jack, I'm trading."

'Green as can be.'

Thank You Mama

I'm sorry mama for anything I have ever said that you never taught me. You see, its just that I thought I could speak bravely like you always did and achieve half of what you always did to experience the happiness that you often brought me. Told me to pursue the better angel inside me but I found myself entertaining a devil that spoke wildly and lead to moments that embroiled me. Mama, I know you know me better than I know myself so please ask the person you know to show you the pride that I had began soiling. Spoiling the years and hours of labor you went through in the faith of the goodness in the man that you never got a chance of showing me. Maybe its because I find myself asking more questions that I stop at nothing more than an endless search of empty verbs that have no answers when it could be just your words I need to scold me. Tell me stop mama and I will because your will was greater than I even when I was too timid to look you in the eye for interrupting my bad moves before they happened coz you were an all knowing. If at all I know this I would say he would have greeted me with a limit of a man that had a career intended to enforce limits so my endless emotions would have met its match rather than have myself scorn me. Rejecting myself mama is rejecting you so I'm sorry for not adopting your toughness because this devil would have long caught its wooping or been afraid if it fought me. I heard your nickname was General so I'm calling on my General to march down here and order her soldiers for the mother of all battles that simply involves me. I win mama, and its your win mama because to solve this calls for the career soldier and the character soldier that made me with the intention of, I could care less, only that you thought me. Mama, I know you hear me so as you read this in the silence of our communication please tell him I said there's a new soldier at war and if need be, deploy reinforcement because I'm ready to face this whatever has caught me.

'Life is Green'

Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Minute Words

Short and sweet they are and poignant in nature we are with rhythms that range from words to dance making time worth more than what it takes to put this simple task of writing down. It's now 1046PM and I started these words with the intent of ending it at 1053pm to accomplish something sensible from now. I started making sense when I spoke of rhythm but time isn't necessary for sense to exist so its only sensible to say writing doesn't require much sense, just mouth. Spoken word or sounds made before the rhythm of the vibrations becomes a tune worth jotting nouns. Descriptions of things that make nothing because even without words one notices how much verbs are things that dictate this world. The lion doesn't write, it rooooaaaaaarrs. 1053pm.

'green greener greenest'

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Feelings

My verbs are tender with nerves that tend to irritate those that get confused with how to take me when I speak to express. In passing some think with anger when my sentences sentence their thoughts coz mine appear to be of excess. Saying that they're more than necessary and thus make the argument that feeble minds use to put their thoughts in defense. Attack they think, but my passion it seems engulfs that which hasn't been uttered from the mouth of nonesense. Mine is common, but pride isn't common and at the risk of being a hypocrate I speak of actions that have experienced neither thought nor passion so what they most likely lack is essence. Empty inside so the byproduct becomes that which is seen as though it wasn't meant to be because it lacks a sense of presence. Its a feeling. Meaning some bits and pieces of my words touch while others get thrown under the bus as though the worth of my words means nothing. Note; the thing that makes others consume me is the same thing that makes others get consumed by me as my words confuse the deeds of those that live without thinking of tomorrow as a blessing. Living today to the maximum because the obvious thought is tomorrow isn't guaranteed but forget God's promise of the best is yet, so they awake cursing. Becasue I feel, I pause, because I think I pause, as the swahili seem to know that the turtle's years number in the hundreds as opposed to the rabbit's eagerness in reproducing. Outnumbered in speed but they live out their number with ease with their hard shells that allow for a more balanced approach when touching. Mwenda pole hajikwai, as in he who knows he can walk doesn't have to run because energy is both potential and kinetics but being keen is more potent than rushing. Since the speed of sound is faster than I, I use my words ahead of mine so that me, myself, and I can get there in one piece without regretting. My feelings are tender and I tend to use them more often than others who outnumber me like a calender, but I'm consumed by the thought that God has me on his agenda so I don't have to use up His days without saving for something better, or I'll live fretting. That's just how I feel, unless He's bluffing.

'green for a reason'

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Black Woman I Love You

The bird that you have caged has released a harmony in my heart that makes it beat like its on the verge of an explosion. Call it adrenaline as your painstakingly build has curved out a niche in the place I place rarely another for devotion. Meaning I appreciate that with which sings for freedom while exuding fear to the weak who know nothing about knowing her mental, I call it emotion. A fearful trill in the agony within her being of knowing that she allowed a weak snake to turn venom. Beyond bars I line my verbs to her actions that are soft in nature but tough to the mind that she usually finds always too common. A place where she's showing you how your missionary ways turn her excitement neither on nor does it give her any number of motions. Movements that elongate my thinking that make my thoughts want to glide inside her being deeper, so that she can swallow my commotions. As I peacefully think and she feels better that maybe, just maybe her actions are not for granted but rather, have meaning to the one that she's now touching as her fantasies are the exercises of my notions. Assuming I don't enjoy the company of who she brings with her in the company of her desires which she desires not to be be abused but allowed to blossom. Her entangled ways untangle her heart as she becomes the rose whose thorn many see and think to avoid for lack of knowledge. Many want, few get, many see, few feel as her presence works on the condition of being able to love the fact that her rage is caged for a purpose. Her deep love that many Phelps only to drown as there usually isn't life guarding in the deep waters thus the weak drown in numbers. I strong, I strong, so I long, I long for the woman that I know knows real so her fake is only visible because many were absent in the presence of her best love. For I, dark!

'gone deep green'

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fear Words, Not Math

In the beginning, there was the word, not the math. The math was in the words that were formulated to equate life so its obvious to see their worth. Also shows that God saw the function of letters that were bound by the integration of Eve that changed the equation and had Him going back to work. He subtracted a rib, added unlimited beauty but divided it by the time of the month. Simple calculus that has eluded generations pon generations of man who have given up understanding the differential equation of the opposite one. So God said "take-two" with a second test.that.meant Jesus and a whole bunch of other dudes like Peter and James had to solve it for once. But the answer He found to be the coefficient of a cross that weighed more than an ounce. The Jews nailed it first so I guess accounting for numbers has always been a thing they could easily pass. Over to the chapter on tolerance that asks you to solve for the x & y chromosome while doubling up emotionally on the x while concealing some with y. Estrogen that's converted unequally by throwing two testes together. Which explains why some find it difficult to get in touch with their inner bitch coz all they apply is testosterone. Unfelt in words, aimless in action and easily perturbed when one looks in the mirror and thinks that they sit on a throne. Unaware of how far up they've climbed the y axis and left the down to earth niggas closer to their bitch, ahem, x axis. A dog on a tree leaves its sense on the ground and prompting snake to pick up the cravings of Eve. Manhood lost by the man that stays perched awaiting for instructions from a satisfied Eve that now doesn't have to know what was right, only that the tree that she climbed put some sweat in her weave. Her passion owned, his passion won and the dog on tree know now the wrong he did. Depending on Eve for answers and never reacting to her, just self, which shows that you never listen to your now disappointed Instructor who's calculations were always open but will now be forever hid. Give her a word and she's good, yourself and she's better, deep strokes, you win.

'I'm winning green'

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I think I know Woman, or so I thought.

At last she comes with her feminine ways that make days look like they make the sun shine on itself. Makes me think backwards, on how awkward it would be for me to have myself filled up with her presence only to find it.Self. Confidence in what your heart holds that tells you you can handle the glare that she can bring, and all you have to be is one with her.Self. Knowing is better than mowing, as in all you tasted down there is never as good as what you can get up there when you give her all of your.Self. Believer, yes in deed. Believe her?! Yes in deed! Meaning her actions make me up and I get right into the day knowing my intentions are safe where they're at - shelved. Like a book I read her words as they're Angelic in nature especially when the word is.Self. I plunge deeper in understanding and she understands where I'm standing so the pace of up and downs become one with the existence of me as though we are one.Self. Allowing me inside her more while I lay with my innocence exposed, she glides with the movements of a pro and athletic in works that can make any man exclaim "Mad.ness!" The feeling is not in March but that moment does leave brackets in some thinking thus the need to choose the next one wisely. I feel, so I know. I think, so I do, and my thinking tells me that whatever she wants from me, at the end of the day, is calmness. Watch me straighten her heart, stream line her mind, and since I have been fishing in Alaska, I do Salmons. That's deep water, where the swimmers be, and dare you google this - the Kings are the deepest and hardest to harness. Pink are the most delicate so I call it when I say this - nothing is better than knowing her from behind her lens. Or so I see.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

At times, the Heart has to be Present.

And all other times supervising the mind because if it wasn't for this feeling, I wouldn't love this moment, but rather, hate that moment that wasn't as my mind would make my life then and then, with a rareness of now. I love and respect the existence of now so I value the presence of each as I know they contribute to then, while here now. Keep me hear, near, and here heart, as the days may not look as bright as my mind may be telling me they're not. If first thing in the morning I wake up and see hate in the mirror, I'll go back then to bring me back to now so I can walk with love. Memory, the curse the mind has been blessed with that sees now as an enemy of later without giving any psyche for the body to stick around for more. Further from the bed while my thoughts can't go any further from my head on what the future holds or how happy I was while in bed. A conflict of past tenses while the future creates tenses so now is more intense than what was on His original intend. Looking back biblically turned someone into salt, and in actuality makes someone's taste of this life more like salt with constant hope for sugar ahead. What could have been cannot do now and what was good back then is not this now so if you live either, I say you pretend. Unreal, removed from the thought of love that now holds in seconds that split hairs faster than your taste buds can be content. The sugar is sweet, the future is bleek but because when I jumped out of my bed this week, I said to my heart, "Bitch, this life is now so you better present."

'gone green'

Three Men vs. Fifteen Hungry Lions - Human Planet, Grasslands, Preview -...

Better yet, Catch it on!

'gone green'

The mother of 26 - I call her Umfu Umfu

Notice that the last thing she said was - pride. The lion a Roooooaaaaar!! Because even they give the woman at home the most respect because she does the real hunting. Youtube "three Kenyan Men!!" In the jungle, the LION is KING!!

'I know green'

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Houseband

Ask me.

Ask me why I do what I do when I do what I do even when I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Falling for this and standing up for that all the while knowing full well I'm doing very little for just me. My words holding weight so I use them intentionally and my actions I try to make them good because hope is that my little permeates. I talk of black man as my history originates from that, but then again, even in evolution there is a state of blackness in all of our beings. My prayer is that the state of my stereotypes as is can remain as is but just broken and leaving all that judge anyone from the outside unfeeled. If that even was a word, but since you do feel what i'm saying, then it can be such, as you are aware of what the subject of all of my actions and words have dids, oops, deeds. This day I awake to know that God exists and even if He doesn't, His deeds are forever present, think gifts. This moment, that moment, when someone else is the better one that makes you feel like you are a better man, maybe that's why even God had to create Woman because all one doesn't quite fit. The difference in you is what I love so I divide myself up to be a part of you to make me sum me. My God I know loves all because throughout my imperfect life, He's worked out in many things. Time is shown in beauty, while adding some beast that balances too much of what could be too bright to some - also me. So look at my imperfections without rejecting me because you denying me yourself is us denying each other what makes us we. Like how light can't be without day, my skin can't be without black, which factually dictated my upbringing. We may think different because our outside separated, but that doesn't mean my heart misses every other beat. I can be brain dead but never heart dead so if you are just thinking through this reading and also HIS reading, I don't blame you for your unfeel. What's unreal may be your thoughts of me if I have done nothing that should make you see me any different than just a different being. And leave our differences to sum we, so we can enjoy this moment and leave God for the next moment that the difference of us two can lead to us being closer than just skin. Look at me in. First way to do that is, as I endlessly refer the Holy book where He also says - just talk to me, don't try to make me someone I'm not, and let our two be led by simply the fact that even evolution doesn't deny that the heart beats, so somehow from somewhere, and right now, you are just like me. And also as He so well put it, you are made of His image, its just that we falter too much in our talk and deed than He. That's why we nightly, in the blackness of we, ask Him to support our weak and guide our week, while kindly judging we. So if you have a basic agreement that we are of His image, you judging, isn't me and very far from Him so I'll just hope that the next time we meet, you'll at first just ask me before first assuming that my skin may make me of a lesser being mentally, actually, literally, or all of the above because in all of the above, life's definition is the present and of heart's beats. One of which resides inside you and me so don't take advantage of your position as you have always done to put others down because of assuming. That's how the bitch in you will always be revealing you as the one that likes to taste others without first knowing - think eve.ning. As in, your mind is black, stuck in darkness while those with pride are beaming. He's BLACK!! You think?!

'gone really green'

Thursday, June 23, 2011

At times, the Heart has to be Present.

And all other times supervising the mind because if it wasn't for this feeling, I wouldn't love this moment, but rather, hate that moment that wasn't as my mind would make my life then and then, with a rareness of now. I love and respect the existence of now so I value the presence of each as I know they contribute to then, while here now. Keep me hear, near, and here heart, as the days may not look as bright as my mind may be telling me they're not. If first thing in the morning I wake up and see hate in the mirror, I'll go back then to bring me back to now so I can walk with love. Memory, the curse the mind has been blessed with that sees now as an enemy of later without giving any psyche for the body to stick around for more. Further from the bed while my thoughts can't go any further from my head on what the future holds or how happy I was while in bed. A conflict of past tenses while the future creates tenses so now is more intense than what was on His original intend. Looking back biblically turned someone into salt, and in actuality makes someone's taste of this life more like salt with constant hope for sugar ahead. What could have been cannot do now and what was good back then is not this now so if you live either, I say you pretend. Unreal, removed from the thought of love that now holds in seconds that split hairs faster than your taste buds can be content. The sugar is sweet, the future is bleek but because when I jumped out of my bed this week, I said to my heart, "Bitch, this life is now so you better present."

'gone green'

A real Prophet Talks - Bob Marley Interview

"You say dabbling in politics, I don't know what that is. You say stand up and talk for my rights, I know what that is. Seen. And I don't care who the guy is. Because my right is my right. Like, my life. You know. All I have is my life. That means if I can't say I don't want that and I don't want this. When me check it out, THE BIGGEST MAN WAS A BABY ONE TIME. So I don't know weh em get all these big ideas want to be rulers over people. Seen. And help enforce devil-ism. You caan dig it. You caan take it. Pon rebel man. We are revolutionaries. Yah know. Yeh me see miself as revolutionary. Who don't have no help and nah take no bribe from no one and fight it single-handed , with music. Rasta is the Future. Seen. Rasta is the Future. " A real man a talk.

Ayo Marley, I got you. This fight is to be won mentally and actually so I'm in it to win it. Rasta a.Live.

'gone green

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to her Mitishamba. Rihanna - Man Down

It's obvious that the shit she went through made her go back to her roots and what can I say, she's becoming an umfu umfu with all this beauty in her music and tough mind attitude. I love this song coz it shows a strong woman who now knows no shit from man. If you don't mind taking shit from man, then don't mind him shittin on you. She got tired of the smell n heck, she even tasted shit. Anyway, this man needed a put down and Rihanna, great chune gal.

'gone green'

Who's they?!

They is the negativity in thought, of doubt that they inflict on you when you allow them. They is losing your virginity because your thoughts wanted love which your heart didn't allow then. They is letting go of yourself further than you can recognize yourself. They stick with you before you become and until you go but they don't do well to you now. They is not enough because I don't consider me before them so they are doing to me what I don't like to my heart. En masse it's oppression, in individual its hate, and in internal its conflict, but heart is engulfing all that with pride from the start. They is seeing down when me is seeing up. They thought I can't but that was a thought that I allowed so I sought advice while they were not keeping up. Jumping ahead of them and they hate me because I ignored their doubts. Proud to be me as they now fall in love with my being because they lack positive, so naturally I attract them to my works. Nature's art is all around them but they don't feel it because its their nature to have second thoughts. I believe to condense my thoughts so they don't come up before I can act. In the back of my head they reside and with me looking ahead, they don't hold me down because this life is it.self pact.

'gone green'

Monday, June 20, 2011

Assumption = Stereotype = Judgement = Hate

The laws of the physical science had lied to my internal science when they said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. While I sat there contemplating the hate that I was receiving from you for showing my heart, I understood, and immediately got up from under where I stood to oppose your erection. See, coming from where I'm going is not for you to suppose because it has nothing to do with the thoughts you have of me that I see you projecting. Respect this, art, because its talent that you may lack so your payment by judgment fcuks up our interaction from the start. Protecting your feeble heart through the hate you give me with the eye when my smile shines past your frown, so your words I reject. I feel, for every action, I think, for every reaction, but the weakness you show in your actions portrays you thought, maybe twice, before acting - still I respect. So stop reacting!! And acting like my being is of lesser than yours because if we came here bare, I'm walking away dangling with roots that will leave your heart scarring. I go deeper! See! Since nature made me tough and a bit rough, let me ease my strokes so my mental penetrations can stop hurting. Every corner I've hit with my ways as you are left stagnant so she strays. Your mind, wandering where this conversation went but I stay the same, me, being, in deed, deep, and the more you stereotype me and my ways is I saying like Wiz Khalifa, "'gon hate"!

'gone green'

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jon "My Nigga" Stewart slays Fox News

"Dit it on 'em. Maaaaan he just did it on 'em. "

'gone green'

Louis C.K. on Father's Day

Hey, Mom's assistant "Be a Man, Make your own list....'raise your kids' won't take away your manhood. In fact, it'll give it to you." Classic Louis C.K. he knows real and funny.

'gone green'

"oh My Father!" - Yeah, you hit her Nerve.

The idea of fatherhood is scary to some, longed for by others, and unwanted by most. Reality being the end of independence, many crave freedom without the responsibility of playing host. Praying for perpetual now knowing full well that She's on the clock and time being her essence, now isn't to be wasted by what in the beginning was just poke. Now that your joke entered in her, reality is crying instead of you laughing, I commend only the ones that loved it from the word "go". You heard "oh My God!", your ego went "yeah I'm good" and like God you loved what you had created with just a stroke. You didn't run when the swelling began and gave love even when your swelling was none but still showed pride in what you've brought. The weak fantasize, the strong realize that what those two fat feet are carrying are two of your's so you dwell in her presence for more support. Her craving is your waking until she delivers what you know to be your pride, but can't openly purport. She nags for more of you and you just brag that she's more of you because you know her worth is true even before she deports. Her contents internal are only visible to the strong who know that whatever beauty they saw on the outside may be temporarily out coz, that was just court. This now is life and the ring you may have decided to enter may not have belonged on the finger after all. The weak hide in the word marriage, the strong know that with life it.self pact means that it takes just the word neglect to ruin that whole act that you may have been deeply involved. The moral being living in all word as a strong man, real man, true man, coz if you not a deeds man?! She won't know you at all. Dead beat, your heart gone from underneath you, showing how shallow your works were when inside her being as you lack the wherewithal. I'm in all Umfu Umfus' say "oh My God" and I know "yeah I'm good" because I find ease in the creation that brings battlefield peace through crying that when it goes silent, you get withdrawals. The product being pride, with her worth being loved because I can now say openly that she carried the capital to my He all along.

Happy Father's Day to all strong man, real man, true man.

'gone green'

It took her Woman to make Real Man.

For men than don't fall in love but rather, stand up in it.

Happy Fathers' Day - Can't wait for my tie.earn.

'gone green'
Shout out to Joe Budden (no, not vice president) for dat stand up quote.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Three of You, Know me as One!

.I speak three different languages but in the presence of uncertainty, only one - prayer. A prayer in any one of the three languages that can all be understood by only one - My Maker. Who to me is the one that loves me more than me and beyond just my being until He, or maybe She comes - and I'm there. So my speech is in words that only I have an understanding of, that will most articulate my faith in only me that comes from only You since I began with a family affair. Near to You because we now have an intimate meet that only I can enjoy because you offer your love through peace and only me to care. Making our communication unique in the only language You understand, faith, which I believe You gave me to instill pride in me to do as You please while I'm still here. In this life I live interacting with your creation with the intention of being closer to your existence in me, to be a better man while You near. I talk to be heard and walk to be known so my works in this life look better than the me of now and don't hurt an ear. So the confidence in my walk comes from Our talk which, even though I was the only one speaking, You are right there. Amina.

'gone green'

2pac - blasphemy - Happy Birthday Makaveli

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Made: Graduate Engineer - The Word is Civil

The art of words is taking none with sense and making some. Like barren land, add developers and engineers you get a different sum. Some see the same as is; no change. Others consult on-sight; its the right brain. Falling flat like the land infront of them is in code, they get no meaning. Just following standards that were written before them, with no thought to reason. Using only logic as if the whole is not a sum of its parts so they don't imagine. The art in these words is not in each or a whole, simply subtle deep teachings that are never bold. Some get, others fold, but only few will keep reading. A signal that their mind has just left, no time fore right so I'm not felt, as in feeling. So they leave. Alive, I live with my left using my right to lead. Never mind my emotions, the belt tight on that sleeve. This is the part that some see, but may still miss the beautiful art that this sum is. Developed from nothing; these are left words combined with the right sense and building them is not common, just my mind, which I've left in the right place - God.

'gone green'

Monday, June 13, 2011

I think prejudice, you prefer.

I'd rather be thoughtless about what your prejudices may be about black leather, or did you see fur?! I think far. Beyond your preference to see my thoughts corrupted by what your prejudices are. I think nah. I'm more like the one that you thought wasn't capable to show you his heart. I'm in that. Means I posses strengths that you lack without giving a lot of effort from the start. Gauging the moment that you don't see the connection of now with mine, it's called art. The logic lacking when you seek the emotion to get this comment from my mouth. Let me type it back. The lacking of emotion in the logical mouth that doesn't have a comment just now. So Shut the Fcuk up! A beast unleashed to put a comma to the period of redundant moments of now when life depends on my part. Which I play to the T where the I branches off and leaves everyone else flat. I lift the bar to set a new standard but leans right to make the seventh dwarf. Alpha and I bet numerical and these clean dirty clean dirty words to the princess you see their size?! I win that. Deep!

'gone green'

The Three of You, Know me as One!

I speak three different languages but in the presence of uncertainty, only one - prayer. A prayer in any one of the three languages that can all be understood by only one - My Maker. Who to me is the one that loves me more than me and beyond just my being until He, or maybe She comes - and I'm there. So my speech is in words that only I have an understanding of, that will most articulate my faith in only me that comes from only You since I began with a family affair. Near to You because we now have an intimate meet that only I can enjoy because you offer your love through peace and only me to care. Making our communication unique in the only language You understand, faith, which I believe You gave me to instill pride in me to do as You please while I'm still here. In this life I live interacting with your creation with the intention of being closer to your existence in me, to be a better man while You near. I talk to be heard and walk to be known so my works in this life look better than the me of now and don't hurt an ear. So the confidence in my walk comes from Our talk which, even though I was the only one speaking, You are right there. Amina.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"My Niggas!" - Mitishamba

I heard that Jessie Jackson n 'em was trying to bury the word Nigga. In my mind I'm like, "these two Niggas must be joking right, Nigga?!" My Nigga just laughed.

Bury the word Nigga?! Yeah right Nigga! Originated in the United States, Nigga! But never united in what it states, Nigga! Then how can a word be buried and rest in that peaceful place, Nigga?! With freedom to say it Nigga?! Can't stop me from thinking you walk talk an act like disease, Nigga! So you know what, Nigga?! Lets just vaccinate your mind until your fool of this, Nigga! Serene is when I'm around My Niggas who know me from this Nigga's heart, as in, my deeds Nigga!! While these Niggas are trying to bury them Niggas, My Niggas down there waiting to penetrate great minds, Nigga! Umfu Umfu, I find you and you are all mine, Nigga! Coz only you know how to take the whole of this Nigga's mind, Nigga! I'll just let these Niggas bury a word while I bury my Niggas with verbs, Nigga!! Action and I'm in charge Nigga, well aware that Niggas from Kenya don't sprint fast, Nigga. I'd rather next.tell Her to be My Nigga coz I know that next She'll let me all in that. NIGGAaaaaaaaahhh!!!! BEEEEAAAST!!!

'gone green'

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Book of Life - With Love, Afrika, From Kenya.

My thoughts and actions are of intentions that go beyond you and I to a day that belongs to neither you nor I. Either your words is what I'll take and confirm with your actions or dismiss your actions if your words match neither. Only increase my passion if your presence moves me, calling me to action because my essence is what holds me - I'm being. And the more of me you see the less of others you feel only if you recognize that we are with each other to be less bothered. The more of us I enjoy, the more of you I feel as we She.are a moment simply because both of our hearts are pounding. Freeing the shackles that keep us apart from bonding, I meet you where you are to just remove your boundaries. Barriers in place to prevent my doing so I use my words for your heart buts it's your mind I have to go through it.

'gone green'

Kenya, Umfu Umfu?!

Eye, I said I, She said Hi! I said I am!

Dasani, and only One will understand because only one will have to withstand the anger of an Afrikan, let alone a Kisii. Sanaa, as in art, is what it to took to make Her so the well in me never runs dry like the river Nile while I'm in, who?! aaah! My veins run with ease, while I stand like some trees, the forest means many get in only to get lost in these wood, ugh! Words, call it Night Speech is all I'm in need, in Her and I'm in deed, doing well?! Yes indeed! Booooy! None can be with this man I see here coz I'm just doing me, Knowledge that only She's got. Keeping me between where I'm not by the way that she moves with, Us. Heart, I know where She is, Love what I call this here, Look you may not believe or size Him, up - Member. So only she get it coz only She gets it but when We, fretting, I'm usually the one suffering. An offering made to her in the form of life I see, blessing as States she has to cross to get this - Message. The foundation of We, like I said, was fool of blunders, but I got my stride so I stopped to grind, let's just say it was some new nerves I was touching - Massage. In peace as we, oh! so Black as we lay - Naked. My thoughts exposed, Her brain revealed but just as confused is them in deed - Head.

Sleep - I'm Just Praying.

Ironically the best sleep I ever had was after the best sex I ever had that involved only blunders. First I couldn't connect Her dots - two, Then I couldn't bear Her thoughts - three, so I couldn't at first perform - bothered. But that's my mind that She - connected, so She put my peace - protected, waited till I could reveal my piece - She tasted. "My God," She said it, soon as I revealed myself to make it, you call it Blasphemy - I'm just praying, as in

Living Entirely - Wasn't Made Eternally

This life not being eternal, I'm the one that has decided to live it in its entire. Before I tire I search internal to get the strength for this day's trials. Would hate to end in the fire, for reasons unknown to only Him or Her so I'm trying, to treat this day like the love you put in its making. Trials?! I'm not scared because today it is not I I see but the better person within I, to carry us. In this moment of we, as you and I coexist with Her purpose to be, just the two of us. I'm in this for WE - Entirely!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Your Hate Uplifts - My Nutrients

The negativity that your heart carries slows you down and in this life that's a marathon, I see being Kenyan as: advantage - me. Your work has been fast in the making but slow in digesting so I shit you out with a quickness just-so I don't hate you, for?! This! Down that way you go and this right here I stay because changing me is like saying you would rather have feces for dinner - What?! Piss! Your weakness is in your heart so I just walk away from you before you take any pride from me, ain', me. A waste of my time would be, to engage my capabilities in this squeeze of time called life to take all the juice from your mouth, ain't no surviving here! I'd much rather have a moment akin, to knowing we are not both from here, so neither is your breath worth more than the one coming out of my mouth, coz there's no limit for it. I have a network that's well connected with a faith that's well protected and deeper it goes so you get lost with the longer I go staying in, and in this, I'm in. And deeper?! It is than those that came before, only all to be found to be the ones that were truly the fake in deed. Word, call it swag I say in Swahili, "Yeye ni Wangu kwa vile maisha ni mbele tu, hatuwezi rudi.ah!" Swag, call me Ish but I'd rather Miti, elevated in doing, out and done in think...King. I, do more today coz my knowledge is necessary to be a better person than I was just now, so from you I go thus today I'm - Her! Emotion suppressed with life in duress I speak my heart and if you may just digest, that's just me saying I - home. Where my heart stays and my love gays with the way the movements of the earth stayed for thousands of yeh..ass. Is was I call those that have gained from the feeling that the reason I exist is to be more of a reap.her! Caring for hearts as She did even as they cruci.fixed, the fear is gone from within, I.

'gone green'

If money is the root of all evil, then I'm a saint. So the green paint in my hands is just a placebo of wrongdoing. Not used for the purpose its intended but used to create a purpose and I intend to stop pretending that I'm evil coz, shiiit, I pay rent. And with that payment comes another payment, followed by another payment that cleans my slate and every account that bears my name thus making my sainthood permanent. Not being possessed by the green has qualified me to be a devout member of the church of broke not-a-dollar-saints. This church has a lot of saints who believe that the same green devil can be their savior. So they embark in the behavior of saving up green and spending up green to paint a picture of them surrounded with green. But really what around them is nil, zilch, zero, or better yet, a placebo. Fools saying no to a house because they look and feel better in a gazebo. So when the wind of change comes they get blown every which way because the first thing they chased were roots of evil. I say no that green that breeds envy and yes to the roots of life, akin babies.

'gone green'

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wale- My Sweetie.

I think I saw some Umfu Umfus here. Count 'em with me.

'gone green'

Monday, June 6, 2011

Black & Late.

A Logical Emotion

At the core of thought is emotion which is oftentimes subverted for logic. An illogical thought that in the fight between only two, we choose one - logic. I think hearty so my thoughts are full of logical emotion that makes sense to the mind of those with heart - pride. An emotion necessary to make anyone want to be a better being in this life, thus making the logical decision to be one - do. While I do feel the many that rely on existing standards to make decisions, I use my mind to confirm what my heart is thinking so I can live closer to the center of life's precision - good.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"I'm on My Level!" - Call me Wiz, as in Ish or better, Miti

'gone green'

Dem Umfu Umfus - My future wives!

Eddie Murphy's stand-up 'Raw' revealed that even he longed for women from the East. He said he'd go back to the Afrikan bush and find himself a chick called 'Umfu Umfu' coz she wouldn't be like the ones he's used to that, as soon as the ring is on their finger, they nag you with "Eddie, what have you done for me lately?!" Imagine an American doing the Naija 'broda oo' accent and messing it up badly. The joke was hilarious but the truth in his words prevailed. I hope my future wives, Dem Umfu Umfus, will have the mind and heart to know that mine is to love and provide, thus anything more is earned - just as she'd be to care and support, as I would have to earn love and respect.

Abang Othow - Sudan, I'm coming!

Black woman, I love you! I adore the wide range of shades that you present me, but my preference is for one that can hide from me by just closing her eyes and mouth. Presenting me with the challenge of using my utmost to find you by feeling for you and feeling you inside out. Touch your insides coz you move my outsides as you glide past I and make me shout.

Aissa Maiga - Senegal been hiding?!

And I'll profess my love for you every time we meet, Umfu Umfu I find you close to my roots where I plant my seed. The growth I experience is like no other as your soils are fertile with nutrients that keep me sturdy in deed. My roots in these soils go deep thus my belief that me growing here is just a perfect fit.

Lerato Moloi - I's S.afrika, as in count me in!

The blends of all of your skins, like I said, makes me a truly blessed being but my power to choose has pulled me to these. Not blind to others just that I usually find ample juices and, sometimes or, great humility in the taste of darker berries.

Antoinette Ataro - Kenya y'all see what I see?!

Hatari! As in danger when you decide to trample on the heart of this delicate creation that can snap before you blink. Keep her on the update of what, when, where, how, and she'll know the why while all the while you'll have the freedom of peace of mind, as in think!

Hawa Diawara - Mali, swahili for wealth and of goodness, this is.

The thought of waking up to my world surrounded with such a wealth of goodness is one that any man wouldn't reject. Yet given the choice of acquiring such wealth, many abuse and use them as objects. Boasting on quantity and neglecting the quality of having, loving, and getting the entire subject.

I and I

The idiot in me removed by the genius in her that simplified the confused heart that as a man I carry. Straightforward in words, she speaks the mind, so all I have to do is give her a heart and life for we stops being a hurry. The stride of partners in this life that happens with each moment, and not day, or week or month or year, so as long as there's movement, no need to scurry. I love ya'll dem bush women and it's all of ya'll I'll marry.

'gone green'

Friday, June 3, 2011

Respect My Individual

"Don't hate me! Remi!" Re.m.i...Respect My Individual is the only way me and you can get along coz I'm not about to let go of myself. I was created as is and even if you don't believe in Him, then wait until I evolve into a greater being. Your love didn't make me so why is it that you are destroying me with your hate?! I love life, and because of that I look to preserve my being. Don't ask me to evolve or change my being because if your belief is either, then neither are you capable as is. Break it down Ish. Since my birth is currently certain, and my life presently important, the future of you and I is the same; someone say unseen! So your vain judgement of me in the present cannot be true of me in the future so I'm presently working on only me. Better than none but the best of me, and if I'm doing good I know I'm being. Call me human or rather Mitishamba because as we stand here, only I can decide me. To me, only actions of good as naturally known are necessary for we to coexist as beings. Its here I think I can say I know why a caged bird sings. Our singing is from a distance hill telling us that our hearts truly belongs to the east. Where the sun rises and shines a light on the darkness of the west that named the sky the limit, while living the dream of using their sleeping quarters as they wish. Exploring others while forgetting within, where one finds that there is something capable of making you love thee and not just keep abusing. I was born as this and I'm only sure of an end that we all shall encounter with or without need. While I'm present here, "Remi!!" do me coz as long as I'm doing good, we're done, as in did.

'gone green'

Pic courtesy of:
If I ever were to call a man breathtaking, he would have to look like this.

When I Die, Bury Me Here

In a small part of the vast beauty that is Afrika, this is Kenya. Readily evident in this expansive mass of a continent that is the root of man is Natural Beauty in all endeavors. Who can deny the note-perfect sight that appears so raw and peaceful, that even the existence of development leaves it undisturbed?!

When I die, I wanna sleep somewhere undisturbed.

Onde?! Angola this is and one of the five Afrikans that speak the strange Spanish language called Portuguese. The others are Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea, and Sao Tome & Principe. It may just be me, but I think these are the places to be to for those guys that are into light-skinned princesses. I mean, I ain't been but say Afrikan and princess and see if my heart doesn't palpitate in the process.

When I die, I want my heart to have beat to the rhythm of Afrikan sweetness(es).

I think Queen of Sheba ruled over this landscape. Ethiopia it is when its not being portrayed as a child wearing a mask of flies and a sad face. If my birth was to be from this, I would take the pride in what I'm seeing to make me remove the mask hiding my essence.

When I die, I want the earth to have been biblical in its essence.

Again the land of Sheba, the queen that encountered King Solomon's wisdom and came back satisfied. No one can blame her because being around such natural erections can offer many with nature's pacifier. The eyes rest on the rising and falling and contours that make a moment pass you by.

When I die, I want to be in the place where the moment is all that matters.

'gone green'

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beautiful People

I'm First Afrikan, thus Second None.

Specifically Kenyan, and in this life that's a marathon, I thank God for my being. Tested in the rigorous 8-4-4 British system of schooling that focused on theories, as in academics, I was fortunate to be exposed to the practicalities of capitalism, as in America. In both I found neither sustenance nor peace because none taught me to love life, only how to change it. Fortunately, I didn't stray far from my roots as they kept keeping me grounded, as in close to the origin - Mitishamba. I speak with pride because I know the words and emotions I carry cannot be handled by any European who's either American, or whoever decides to say that Afrika is not a great continent. I was born not far from the equator so excuse me if I talk as though I know the world at its center. The perspective I got from the Brits was to dislike individualism while the Americans hated society. The Afrikan in me always gravitated towards nature so I used the mind of the westerners to get in touch with the east.

I used to find it hard to be different in a society that wanted me to conform to its way of doing, while rewarding only the individual. As in, "if we put our heads together, I can prosper," and everyone else remains stagnant in life. Thus the Western mindset that's ironically medieval in it's thinking, as in survival is of the fittest - neglecting the least of these, "who create a drag on the progress necessary for me to be better than those that hate me for being the best". It's a mindset that leads to the hate of either yourself, neighbor, or system for the failure of either one. Competition always has a loser and rarely do I see someone with my looks winning.

"Don't hate the player, hate the game" because there's a game going on and a winner will emerge. Making everyday a challenge to outdo the next that life in itself becomes a challenge on bettering even the best of lives. I've learned to change the game so I can have no hate in me for neither it nor the player. If man can't define the origin of life, why is it that we choose to define the value of life? As in "I'm worth more than you because my being is more important or attractive in this world" mentality. It's a game I've refused to play because I know the worth of my life comes from within. By virtue of eyesight, my skin color placed me second class in this world but booooy, did they not look at the mind in my heart?!! I can only say that as an Afrikan, I'm never second - I come first in that!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Being

As I am is all I can be as your being does not affect what I’m being.
You may question with your eyes that which you don’t see yet open
them only to be blind of me. I’m the one that you will see with a stride of
peace as I embrace the ease with which each day comes and cease. I’m being.
And as long as I’m being I will never stagnate in the presence of nothing
because I was made of something, for something and to do something.
The nothingness that you bring disturbs the peace that I find in my stride
So I shake you off and find something that helps my being. That’s all I can be.

'gone green'

I Reggae

“Blacksupremacy taking oooooo ooveer yeeaah. Yeeeah. Yeah.....Eh hey...I know love must conquer every man im have a right to believe in what im believe in....”

With that, Missile 1 from Blacksupremacy Sounds comes to life. Melodies filled with soothing sounds from conscious reggae artists, combined with beautiful mixing makes you subconsciously rock to their beat. As I sit there rocking back and forth, I realize that I truly love reggae. I mean.... “don't bother make no war with your brother, peace and love alone that must conquer” ….the song goes on. The songs follow each other with great rhythm as the DJ ensures that each song’s beat coincides with the next. Each song fills my heart with such passion that I find it difficult to stay still. “Meet me at the corner…, link we fi link we, fi link up…Down your avenue….For we no care teh, we no care teh what dem a tink up,” Gregory Isaacs croons. I’m now literally bobbing my head because me no care teh, me no care teh what other drivers think. A broad smile engulfs my face as I hang on to every single tune in this Blacksupremacy Sounds mix that marked the beginning of a the Missile series.

Missile – the perfect name for a collection of songs that inject consciousness and passion to its listeners’ hearts and minds. I love reggae – conscious reggae to be exact. There’s an ingredient in the music that warms me up. I’ve often tried to figure out exactly what the main ingredient is, but have found it to be an exercise in futility. With no mandate for an explanation, I continue to listen, dance, drive, and chant out of tune. Words filled with meaning continue to glaze my ears as I drive. “We are the viiiiiiictiiims, eeverytime.” Junior Reid begins before Anthony B’s interjection. My pulse goes up instantaneously as I immediately recognize the song. I pound my chest as the words being sung hit so close to home. Victimization experienced by virtue of nature, i.e. having Afrikan roots – My Roots. Anthony B, “So me aks dem ow, how much skin a fi go teeeaar, before we get fi we share, ow, how much pressure we a go beeeaar, stop from tell me uno care,…… Waaant back we land a Mama Afrika, give we every inch, every square, every acre aha. We are a Blacksupremacy defender.” The Blacksupremacy DJ immediately takes the cue and replays, “we are Blacksu, we are Blacksupremacy defender.” My pulse is off the charts and I can barely contain my body movements.

Lost in my animated moves (dancing) is the true feeling that this and other reggae songs invoke. The feeling that there truly is something worth fighting for; something that others like Junior Reid, Anthony B, and Blacksupremacy Sounds are fighting for. That something is what I would summarize in one word as Afrika – My Roots. This battle is for the recognition of Afrika’s greatness to not only outsiders, but also Afrikans. It is a fight to instill pride in the average Afrikan; a fight to dispel ignorance about the average Afrikan. It is a battle to wake up Afrikans to Afrika, about Afrika, for Afrikans. It is our fight, your fight, my fight that must be won because for too long, Afrika has been losing.

As I make a left to get on the freeway (59 South for my Houstonians), I realize that I have caught the attention of some motorists whose curiosity has gone as far as blatant stares. It also doesn't help that I have zero tint on my windows. As soon as I begin to become subconscious of my surroundings, Missile 1 reminds me, “Blacksupremacy,” before going into “Someone spreading rumors of mee, I wonder who could it be. Someone ave their eyes on me, saying tings that they never seen.” I again lose control of my movements. It doesn’t help that a minute later, Glen Washington reminds me of my love. “Lovely, when you came as a gift from the father, like showers of blessings for me. I give praises to Jah the creator, for someone as lovely as she…...tonight I’m gonna hold you tight, screams through the night…” My mind trails off to my Afrikan queen whose strength is incomparable. I then remember an opinion I had shared with my friends about Afrikan women; their beauty and inner strength is supreme. Dealing with an Afrikan man is no easy task, but it’s a craft they’ve mastered. The endurance of an Afrikan family is inherently dependent on the Afrikan woman. Their value is oftentimes underestimated or neglected – an act that’s detrimental to Afrika’s progress. Burkinafaso’s Thomas Sankara, my hero, recognized their value early but was unfortunately too early for others who saw him assassinated.

“Uuuuu uuu hu….your secrets must reveal,” Missile 1’s last song begins. An hour has passed in this continuous mix and as the last song plays, I realize that my love for reggae is more than the music itself. It’s the recognition that all those with Afrikan roots are in this fight together – participating or not. The weapons that could win this fight are unity, Afrikan pride, and action. In action, Blacksupremacy uses Missile, I will use my words – My Roots, and we all shall win. “Now I know….I really want to gooo….to the land of joy, to the land of peace. To the land where I… know I will be free. To the land where myyy father sent for meee…...follow me and you will seeeee,” the song fades as Missile 1 comes to end.

I grew from them, I live for them.
My Roots

Missile 1 Tracklist:

01 love must conquer- FREDDIE MCGREGOR
03 moving on - GLEN WASHINGTON
04 Give my heart - COLLIN ROACH
06 Tyrone_taylor-rainy_sunset
07 I wish i could- DON CAMPBELL
08 This time- VIVIAN JONES
09 strangers in the night-GLEN WASHINGTON
10 frenzy- SANCHEZ
11 Victims feat. JUNIOR REID
12 How Did You Know - GLEN WASHINGTON
13 kind of feeling - Glen washington
14 Call On Me- JOHN HOLT
15 I can recall-GLEN WASHINGTON
16 Funny Love-TERRY LINEN
18 Satisfaction guaranteed GLEN WASHINGTON
19 Loving game CANDY MAN
20 Just friends TONY REBEL + SWADE
21 number one - grery isaacs ft marcia
22 Love Makes The World Go Round - FREDDIE McGREGOR
23 Blaze a cup - SANCEZ
24 melody life- MARCIA GRIFFITHS
25 Thank you Lord SHAGGY + KYMANI MARLEY
26 Saving Myself - GLEN WASHINGTON
27 Just like a river GREGORY ISAACS
28 land of love marcia griffiths
29 Child of a slave RAS SHILOH
30 help the needy - MORGAN + BERES
32 I make a vow - ADMIRAL TIBET
34 land of peace - LUKIE D

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Pride of the Jungle

Pride comes before fall. So does spring....and summer. And if you were to ask me, I'd rather come before falling because its usually better to know before you fall in love with a moment. Don't worry, I also had to reread that sentence to understand it, but she still doesn't get it. Pride is a necessary evil that instills drive which is what makes us move, as in progress. I call black people bold people because they carry a lot of pride with them. Some use it responsibly but most waste it through hate. I remember my 'Coming to America' moment being ruined by someone that looked like me. I begin the metaphor of life.

I looked in the mirror and saw a black person looking at me. Shit!! It WAS me. But yet I couldn't recognize the person because earlier that day, someone that looked and acted like me said I wasn't being. My joy faded when I felt someone deny what I saw every single day. Fcuked up part, like I said, was that he was black too. Still fresh in the land of milk and honey, I had a major accent that came from the East. After getting used to the daily, I was ready to shout "I'm very happy to be here!" As soon as I was ready to step out and communicate my love for that moment, I was rejected saying I wasn't good enough to be in that moment. As in, "Nigga u ain' black, I am!" Crushed, I went to the mirror and rejected that which I saw everyday.

Good thing I was born with roots and chose to come to this Land to open my mind. You see, what makes me and you different is that I came here by choice, you were brought here by force. The last time I checked, I only had to get a calling card to get connected to my people back home. I live happy coz I know life. I know my roots so anything you say cannot affect that which I came here to do. I came here to live and just be, yet my being here makes you afraid to let me be. The fear you have is also ungodly since you look at me like you are better than I. I think faster than you so while I wait for you to move on to wasting yourself, I'll be over there enjoying myself because I know myself.

Kenyan BORN and MADE utaDO?! As in your faith in yourself has failed thee in seeing that I was the one made for this. Words, I begin with them then continue to be, knowing that anything that you say will never create because all it does is diminish and remove good feelings. Look, I love life. I see life as green, gold, with only white for peace. The purity in life exists within me yet you choose to take it away from me because you feel a certain way about my presence here. I'm here to stay, and even if I leave, I was here today. As long as I'm being your existence will never take away from the fact I'm being coz just as you are, I was made. The peace I found in that moment of being is that you exist without any knowledge of where you come from. The pride in me is rooted in a JUNGLE you will never choose to tread because you choose to reject even the color that represents thee. Listen, my being is rooted in a jungle whose king is a lion. Rooaar! I know you scared. Then again, such is life; I use my pride, you waste it.

'gone green'

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Kiswahili for herbs; traditional or indigenous plants used for healing. Mitishamba is what you would take if synthetic is not your thing. Ok, more bluntly (haha, bluntly), it's the origin of medicine. Nothing came before the origin so it makes Mitishamba the essence. I can begin stating the many synonyms to Mitishamba that are obvious but I'll only choose roots. Roots are the essence of life. There's an adage that states 'to kill a tree, destroy its roots' that magnifies my former statement. The origin of life is in its roots, as is its sustenance. Without roots, a tree becomes a product, usable for things such as paper, lumber, or slavery. African slaves had their roots destroyed and who can argue the results? My name is Mitishamba and My Roots is the theme. It's a theme I've attempted to champion through another blog (, but I got lazy and fell off. With the shackles of laziness off, it's planting season, lets get some trees growing.

This theme is about embracing that which makes you, you. It's a subtle and sometimes overt call to the fortunate sons and daughters of Afrika that are enjoying the convenience of living overseas to not forget the responsibilities that come with it. Besides only taking advantage of ample employment opportunities, also utilize their abundant universities and technical schools. Freedom from boarding schools and parents means that the responsibility given is to use it wisely and not wastefully. Wasting that freedom keeps you trapped in dependency because of the stagnation that comes from not utilizing these advantages. Complacency is the son of convenience given birth by the conceivable reality of living paycheck to paycheck with no desire for growth. The ease with which life happens around you makes it even easier to ignore the elements that kept you alive.

Lack of growth in any element of life means a lack of nutrients. Its no secret that the most nutritious continent in the world is Afrika with its nutrients having served the growth of many a nation. The fruits that the Afrikan tree bears to the world has been tasted and appreciated by everyone except Afrikans. It seems as though the only people that readily reject Afrika or their ties to the great continent are Afrikans themselves. To kill a tree, destroy its roots. Its also not a secret that Afrikans the world over are second class citizens. Some, even in their own country - as South Africa quickly comes to mind. We deny the source of our nutrients, our roots, and wonder why we become products in our own forest. With no roots, we become products of our own being - just an African living abroad as the only achievement.

As the topmost branch of the tree that gets to bask in the sunlight, it is your responsibility to see the forest as a whole and not just your own photosynthesis. A metaphor that to the astute has morphed from Mitishamba to roots, to roots from which we came. I come from Kenya, born in Uasin Gishu county where my fellow Kenyans tried to cut down my tree, but they never uprooted me. Kenya is my roots so my photosynthesis can't be far from it. I'm Mitishamba and I continue to focus on my roots because they keep me alive.

'gone green'