Monday, April 18, 2011

Pride of the Jungle

Pride comes before fall. So does spring....and summer. And if you were to ask me, I'd rather come before falling because its usually better to know before you fall in love with a moment. Don't worry, I also had to reread that sentence to understand it, but she still doesn't get it. Pride is a necessary evil that instills drive which is what makes us move, as in progress. I call black people bold people because they carry a lot of pride with them. Some use it responsibly but most waste it through hate. I remember my 'Coming to America' moment being ruined by someone that looked like me. I begin the metaphor of life.

I looked in the mirror and saw a black person looking at me. Shit!! It WAS me. But yet I couldn't recognize the person because earlier that day, someone that looked and acted like me said I wasn't being. My joy faded when I felt someone deny what I saw every single day. Fcuked up part, like I said, was that he was black too. Still fresh in the land of milk and honey, I had a major accent that came from the East. After getting used to the daily, I was ready to shout "I'm very happy to be here!" As soon as I was ready to step out and communicate my love for that moment, I was rejected saying I wasn't good enough to be in that moment. As in, "Nigga u ain' black, I am!" Crushed, I went to the mirror and rejected that which I saw everyday.

Good thing I was born with roots and chose to come to this Land to open my mind. You see, what makes me and you different is that I came here by choice, you were brought here by force. The last time I checked, I only had to get a calling card to get connected to my people back home. I live happy coz I know life. I know my roots so anything you say cannot affect that which I came here to do. I came here to live and just be, yet my being here makes you afraid to let me be. The fear you have is also ungodly since you look at me like you are better than I. I think faster than you so while I wait for you to move on to wasting yourself, I'll be over there enjoying myself because I know myself.

Kenyan BORN and MADE utaDO?! As in your faith in yourself has failed thee in seeing that I was the one made for this. Words, I begin with them then continue to be, knowing that anything that you say will never create because all it does is diminish and remove good feelings. Look, I love life. I see life as green, gold, with only white for peace. The purity in life exists within me yet you choose to take it away from me because you feel a certain way about my presence here. I'm here to stay, and even if I leave, I was here today. As long as I'm being your existence will never take away from the fact I'm being coz just as you are, I was made. The peace I found in that moment of being is that you exist without any knowledge of where you come from. The pride in me is rooted in a JUNGLE you will never choose to tread because you choose to reject even the color that represents thee. Listen, my being is rooted in a jungle whose king is a lion. Rooaar! I know you scared. Then again, such is life; I use my pride, you waste it.

'gone green'