Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Being

As I am is all I can be as your being does not affect what I’m being.
You may question with your eyes that which you don’t see yet open
them only to be blind of me. I’m the one that you will see with a stride of
peace as I embrace the ease with which each day comes and cease. I’m being.
And as long as I’m being I will never stagnate in the presence of nothing
because I was made of something, for something and to do something.
The nothingness that you bring disturbs the peace that I find in my stride
So I shake you off and find something that helps my being. That’s all I can be.

'gone green'

I Reggae

“Blacksupremacy taking oooooo ooveer yeeaah. Yeeeah. Yeah.....Eh hey...I know love must conquer every man im have a right to believe in what im believe in....”

With that, Missile 1 from Blacksupremacy Sounds comes to life. Melodies filled with soothing sounds from conscious reggae artists, combined with beautiful mixing makes you subconsciously rock to their beat. As I sit there rocking back and forth, I realize that I truly love reggae. I mean.... “don't bother make no war with your brother, peace and love alone that must conquer” ….the song goes on. The songs follow each other with great rhythm as the DJ ensures that each song’s beat coincides with the next. Each song fills my heart with such passion that I find it difficult to stay still. “Meet me at the corner…, link we fi link we, fi link up…Down your avenue….For we no care teh, we no care teh what dem a tink up,” Gregory Isaacs croons. I’m now literally bobbing my head because me no care teh, me no care teh what other drivers think. A broad smile engulfs my face as I hang on to every single tune in this Blacksupremacy Sounds mix that marked the beginning of a the Missile series.

Missile – the perfect name for a collection of songs that inject consciousness and passion to its listeners’ hearts and minds. I love reggae – conscious reggae to be exact. There’s an ingredient in the music that warms me up. I’ve often tried to figure out exactly what the main ingredient is, but have found it to be an exercise in futility. With no mandate for an explanation, I continue to listen, dance, drive, and chant out of tune. Words filled with meaning continue to glaze my ears as I drive. “We are the viiiiiiictiiims, eeverytime.” Junior Reid begins before Anthony B’s interjection. My pulse goes up instantaneously as I immediately recognize the song. I pound my chest as the words being sung hit so close to home. Victimization experienced by virtue of nature, i.e. having Afrikan roots – My Roots. Anthony B, “So me aks dem ow, how much skin a fi go teeeaar, before we get fi we share, ow, how much pressure we a go beeeaar, stop from tell me uno care,…… Waaant back we land a Mama Afrika, give we every inch, every square, every acre aha. We are a Blacksupremacy defender.” The Blacksupremacy DJ immediately takes the cue and replays, “we are Blacksu, we are Blacksupremacy defender.” My pulse is off the charts and I can barely contain my body movements.

Lost in my animated moves (dancing) is the true feeling that this and other reggae songs invoke. The feeling that there truly is something worth fighting for; something that others like Junior Reid, Anthony B, and Blacksupremacy Sounds are fighting for. That something is what I would summarize in one word as Afrika – My Roots. This battle is for the recognition of Afrika’s greatness to not only outsiders, but also Afrikans. It is a fight to instill pride in the average Afrikan; a fight to dispel ignorance about the average Afrikan. It is a battle to wake up Afrikans to Afrika, about Afrika, for Afrikans. It is our fight, your fight, my fight that must be won because for too long, Afrika has been losing.

As I make a left to get on the freeway (59 South for my Houstonians), I realize that I have caught the attention of some motorists whose curiosity has gone as far as blatant stares. It also doesn't help that I have zero tint on my windows. As soon as I begin to become subconscious of my surroundings, Missile 1 reminds me, “Blacksupremacy,” before going into “Someone spreading rumors of mee, I wonder who could it be. Someone ave their eyes on me, saying tings that they never seen.” I again lose control of my movements. It doesn’t help that a minute later, Glen Washington reminds me of my love. “Lovely, when you came as a gift from the father, like showers of blessings for me. I give praises to Jah the creator, for someone as lovely as she…...tonight I’m gonna hold you tight, screams through the night…” My mind trails off to my Afrikan queen whose strength is incomparable. I then remember an opinion I had shared with my friends about Afrikan women; their beauty and inner strength is supreme. Dealing with an Afrikan man is no easy task, but it’s a craft they’ve mastered. The endurance of an Afrikan family is inherently dependent on the Afrikan woman. Their value is oftentimes underestimated or neglected – an act that’s detrimental to Afrika’s progress. Burkinafaso’s Thomas Sankara, my hero, recognized their value early but was unfortunately too early for others who saw him assassinated.

“Uuuuu uuu hu….your secrets must reveal,” Missile 1’s last song begins. An hour has passed in this continuous mix and as the last song plays, I realize that my love for reggae is more than the music itself. It’s the recognition that all those with Afrikan roots are in this fight together – participating or not. The weapons that could win this fight are unity, Afrikan pride, and action. In action, Blacksupremacy uses Missile, I will use my words – My Roots, and we all shall win. “Now I know….I really want to gooo….to the land of joy, to the land of peace. To the land where I… know I will be free. To the land where myyy father sent for meee…...follow me and you will seeeee,” the song fades as Missile 1 comes to end.

I grew from them, I live for them.
My Roots

Missile 1 Tracklist:

01 love must conquer- FREDDIE MCGREGOR
03 moving on - GLEN WASHINGTON
04 Give my heart - COLLIN ROACH
06 Tyrone_taylor-rainy_sunset
07 I wish i could- DON CAMPBELL
08 This time- VIVIAN JONES
09 strangers in the night-GLEN WASHINGTON
10 frenzy- SANCHEZ
11 Victims feat. JUNIOR REID
12 How Did You Know - GLEN WASHINGTON
13 kind of feeling - Glen washington
14 Call On Me- JOHN HOLT
15 I can recall-GLEN WASHINGTON
16 Funny Love-TERRY LINEN
18 Satisfaction guaranteed GLEN WASHINGTON
19 Loving game CANDY MAN
20 Just friends TONY REBEL + SWADE
21 number one - grery isaacs ft marcia
22 Love Makes The World Go Round - FREDDIE McGREGOR
23 Blaze a cup - SANCEZ
24 melody life- MARCIA GRIFFITHS
25 Thank you Lord SHAGGY + KYMANI MARLEY
26 Saving Myself - GLEN WASHINGTON
27 Just like a river GREGORY ISAACS
28 land of love marcia griffiths
29 Child of a slave RAS SHILOH
30 help the needy - MORGAN + BERES
32 I make a vow - ADMIRAL TIBET
34 land of peace - LUKIE D

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