Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ask me.

Ask me why I do what I do when I do what I do even when I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Falling for this and standing up for that all the while knowing full well I'm doing very little for just me. My words holding weight so I use them intentionally and my actions I try to make them good because hope is that my little permeates. I talk of black man as my history originates from that, but then again, even in evolution there is a state of blackness in all of our beings. My prayer is that the state of my stereotypes as is can remain as is but just broken and leaving all that judge anyone from the outside unfeeled. If that even was a word, but since you do feel what i'm saying, then it can be such, as you are aware of what the subject of all of my actions and words have dids, oops, deeds. This day I awake to know that God exists and even if He doesn't, His deeds are forever present, think gifts. This moment, that moment, when someone else is the better one that makes you feel like you are a better man, maybe that's why even God had to create Woman because all one doesn't quite fit. The difference in you is what I love so I divide myself up to be a part of you to make me sum me. My God I know loves all because throughout my imperfect life, He's worked out in many things. Time is shown in beauty, while adding some beast that balances too much of what could be too bright to some - also me. So look at my imperfections without rejecting me because you denying me yourself is us denying each other what makes us we. Like how light can't be without day, my skin can't be without black, which factually dictated my upbringing. We may think different because our outside separated, but that doesn't mean my heart misses every other beat. I can be brain dead but never heart dead so if you are just thinking through this reading and also HIS reading, I don't blame you for your unfeel. What's unreal may be your thoughts of me if I have done nothing that should make you see me any different than just a different being. And leave our differences to sum we, so we can enjoy this moment and leave God for the next moment that the difference of us two can lead to us being closer than just skin. Look at me in. First way to do that is, as I endlessly refer the Holy book where He also says - just talk to me, don't try to make me someone I'm not, and let our two be led by simply the fact that even evolution doesn't deny that the heart beats, so somehow from somewhere, and right now, you are just like me. And also as He so well put it, you are made of His image, its just that we falter too much in our talk and deed than He. That's why we nightly, in the blackness of we, ask Him to support our weak and guide our week, while kindly judging we. So if you have a basic agreement that we are of His image, you judging, isn't me and very far from Him so I'll just hope that the next time we meet, you'll at first just ask me before first assuming that my skin may make me of a lesser being mentally, actually, literally, or all of the above because in all of the above, life's definition is the present and of heart's beats. One of which resides inside you and me so don't take advantage of your position as you have always done to put others down because of assuming. That's how the bitch in you will always be revealing you as the one that likes to taste others without first knowing - think eve.ning. As in, your mind is black, stuck in darkness while those with pride are beaming. He's BLACK!! You think?!

'gone really green'

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