Monday, June 20, 2011

Assumption = Stereotype = Judgement = Hate

The laws of the physical science had lied to my internal science when they said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. While I sat there contemplating the hate that I was receiving from you for showing my heart, I understood, and immediately got up from under where I stood to oppose your erection. See, coming from where I'm going is not for you to suppose because it has nothing to do with the thoughts you have of me that I see you projecting. Respect this, art, because its talent that you may lack so your payment by judgment fcuks up our interaction from the start. Protecting your feeble heart through the hate you give me with the eye when my smile shines past your frown, so your words I reject. I feel, for every action, I think, for every reaction, but the weakness you show in your actions portrays you thought, maybe twice, before acting - still I respect. So stop reacting!! And acting like my being is of lesser than yours because if we came here bare, I'm walking away dangling with roots that will leave your heart scarring. I go deeper! See! Since nature made me tough and a bit rough, let me ease my strokes so my mental penetrations can stop hurting. Every corner I've hit with my ways as you are left stagnant so she strays. Your mind, wandering where this conversation went but I stay the same, me, being, in deed, deep, and the more you stereotype me and my ways is I saying like Wiz Khalifa, "'gon hate"!

'gone green'

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