Thursday, June 23, 2011

At times, the Heart has to be Present.

And all other times supervising the mind because if it wasn't for this feeling, I wouldn't love this moment, but rather, hate that moment that wasn't as my mind would make my life then and then, with a rareness of now. I love and respect the existence of now so I value the presence of each as I know they contribute to then, while here now. Keep me hear, near, and here heart, as the days may not look as bright as my mind may be telling me they're not. If first thing in the morning I wake up and see hate in the mirror, I'll go back then to bring me back to now so I can walk with love. Memory, the curse the mind has been blessed with that sees now as an enemy of later without giving any psyche for the body to stick around for more. Further from the bed while my thoughts can't go any further from my head on what the future holds or how happy I was while in bed. A conflict of past tenses while the future creates tenses so now is more intense than what was on His original intend. Looking back biblically turned someone into salt, and in actuality makes someone's taste of this life more like salt with constant hope for sugar ahead. What could have been cannot do now and what was good back then is not this now so if you live either, I say you pretend. Unreal, removed from the thought of love that now holds in seconds that split hairs faster than your taste buds can be content. The sugar is sweet, the future is bleek but because when I jumped out of my bed this week, I said to my heart, "Bitch, this life is now so you better present."

'gone green'

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