Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dem Umfu Umfus - My future wives!

Eddie Murphy's stand-up 'Raw' revealed that even he longed for women from the East. He said he'd go back to the Afrikan bush and find himself a chick called 'Umfu Umfu' coz she wouldn't be like the ones he's used to that, as soon as the ring is on their finger, they nag you with "Eddie, what have you done for me lately?!" Imagine an American doing the Naija 'broda oo' accent and messing it up badly. The joke was hilarious but the truth in his words prevailed. I hope my future wives, Dem Umfu Umfus, will have the mind and heart to know that mine is to love and provide, thus anything more is earned - just as she'd be to care and support, as I would have to earn love and respect.

Abang Othow - Sudan, I'm coming!

Black woman, I love you! I adore the wide range of shades that you present me, but my preference is for one that can hide from me by just closing her eyes and mouth. Presenting me with the challenge of using my utmost to find you by feeling for you and feeling you inside out. Touch your insides coz you move my outsides as you glide past I and make me shout.

Aissa Maiga - Senegal been hiding?!

And I'll profess my love for you every time we meet, Umfu Umfu I find you close to my roots where I plant my seed. The growth I experience is like no other as your soils are fertile with nutrients that keep me sturdy in deed. My roots in these soils go deep thus my belief that me growing here is just a perfect fit.

Lerato Moloi - I's S.afrika, as in count me in!

The blends of all of your skins, like I said, makes me a truly blessed being but my power to choose has pulled me to these. Not blind to others just that I usually find ample juices and, sometimes or, great humility in the taste of darker berries.

Antoinette Ataro - Kenya y'all see what I see?!

Hatari! As in danger when you decide to trample on the heart of this delicate creation that can snap before you blink. Keep her on the update of what, when, where, how, and she'll know the why while all the while you'll have the freedom of peace of mind, as in think!

Hawa Diawara - Mali, swahili for wealth and of goodness, this is.

The thought of waking up to my world surrounded with such a wealth of goodness is one that any man wouldn't reject. Yet given the choice of acquiring such wealth, many abuse and use them as objects. Boasting on quantity and neglecting the quality of having, loving, and getting the entire subject.

I and I

The idiot in me removed by the genius in her that simplified the confused heart that as a man I carry. Straightforward in words, she speaks the mind, so all I have to do is give her a heart and life for we stops being a hurry. The stride of partners in this life that happens with each moment, and not day, or week or month or year, so as long as there's movement, no need to scurry. I love ya'll dem bush women and it's all of ya'll I'll marry.

'gone green'

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  1. WOW! Totally well put. Speaks volumes on African beauties. Love it! A great piece well orchestrated!