Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eye, I said I, She said Hi! I said I am!

Dasani, and only One will understand because only one will have to withstand the anger of an Afrikan, let alone a Kisii. Sanaa, as in art, is what it to took to make Her so the well in me never runs dry like the river Nile while I'm in, who?! aaah! My veins run with ease, while I stand like some trees, the forest means many get in only to get lost in these wood, ugh! Words, call it Night Speech is all I'm in need, in Her and I'm in deed, doing well?! Yes indeed! Booooy! None can be with this man I see here coz I'm just doing me, Knowledge that only She's got. Keeping me between where I'm not by the way that she moves with, Us. Heart, I know where She is, Love what I call this here, Look you may not believe or size Him, up - Member. So only she get it coz only She gets it but when We, fretting, I'm usually the one suffering. An offering made to her in the form of life I see, blessing as States she has to cross to get this - Message. The foundation of We, like I said, was fool of blunders, but I got my stride so I stopped to grind, let's just say it was some new nerves I was touching - Massage. In peace as we, oh! so Black as we lay - Naked. My thoughts exposed, Her brain revealed but just as confused is them in deed - Head.

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