Monday, June 13, 2011

I think prejudice, you prefer.

I'd rather be thoughtless about what your prejudices may be about black leather, or did you see fur?! I think far. Beyond your preference to see my thoughts corrupted by what your prejudices are. I think nah. I'm more like the one that you thought wasn't capable to show you his heart. I'm in that. Means I posses strengths that you lack without giving a lot of effort from the start. Gauging the moment that you don't see the connection of now with mine, it's called art. The logic lacking when you seek the emotion to get this comment from my mouth. Let me type it back. The lacking of emotion in the logical mouth that doesn't have a comment just now. So Shut the Fcuk up! A beast unleashed to put a comma to the period of redundant moments of now when life depends on my part. Which I play to the T where the I branches off and leaves everyone else flat. I lift the bar to set a new standard but leans right to make the seventh dwarf. Alpha and I bet numerical and these clean dirty clean dirty words to the princess you see their size?! I win that. Deep!

'gone green'

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