Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm First Afrikan, thus Second None.

Specifically Kenyan, and in this life that's a marathon, I thank God for my being. Tested in the rigorous 8-4-4 British system of schooling that focused on theories, as in academics, I was fortunate to be exposed to the practicalities of capitalism, as in America. In both I found neither sustenance nor peace because none taught me to love life, only how to change it. Fortunately, I didn't stray far from my roots as they kept keeping me grounded, as in close to the origin - Mitishamba. I speak with pride because I know the words and emotions I carry cannot be handled by any European who's either American, or whoever decides to say that Afrika is not a great continent. I was born not far from the equator so excuse me if I talk as though I know the world at its center. The perspective I got from the Brits was to dislike individualism while the Americans hated society. The Afrikan in me always gravitated towards nature so I used the mind of the westerners to get in touch with the east.

I used to find it hard to be different in a society that wanted me to conform to its way of doing, while rewarding only the individual. As in, "if we put our heads together, I can prosper," and everyone else remains stagnant in life. Thus the Western mindset that's ironically medieval in it's thinking, as in survival is of the fittest - neglecting the least of these, "who create a drag on the progress necessary for me to be better than those that hate me for being the best". It's a mindset that leads to the hate of either yourself, neighbor, or system for the failure of either one. Competition always has a loser and rarely do I see someone with my looks winning.

"Don't hate the player, hate the game" because there's a game going on and a winner will emerge. Making everyday a challenge to outdo the next that life in itself becomes a challenge on bettering even the best of lives. I've learned to change the game so I can have no hate in me for neither it nor the player. If man can't define the origin of life, why is it that we choose to define the value of life? As in "I'm worth more than you because my being is more important or attractive in this world" mentality. It's a game I've refused to play because I know the worth of my life comes from within. By virtue of eyesight, my skin color placed me second class in this world but booooy, did they not look at the mind in my heart?!! I can only say that as an Afrikan, I'm never second - I come first in that!

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  1. Thumbs up! I'm clearly ur #1 fan (borderline stalker :) ....)& loving it. Very proud of u!