Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Made: Graduate Engineer - The Word is Civil

The art of words is taking none with sense and making some. Like barren land, add developers and engineers you get a different sum. Some see the same as is; no change. Others consult on-sight; its the right brain. Falling flat like the land infront of them is in code, they get no meaning. Just following standards that were written before them, with no thought to reason. Using only logic as if the whole is not a sum of its parts so they don't imagine. The art in these words is not in each or a whole, simply subtle deep teachings that are never bold. Some get, others fold, but only few will keep reading. A signal that their mind has just left, no time fore right so I'm not felt, as in feeling. So they leave. Alive, I live with my left using my right to lead. Never mind my emotions, the belt tight on that sleeve. This is the part that some see, but may still miss the beautiful art that this sum is. Developed from nothing; these are left words combined with the right sense and building them is not common, just my mind, which I've left in the right place - God.

'gone green'

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