Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Book of Life - With Love, Afrika, From Kenya.

My thoughts and actions are of intentions that go beyond you and I to a day that belongs to neither you nor I. Either your words is what I'll take and confirm with your actions or dismiss your actions if your words match neither. Only increase my passion if your presence moves me, calling me to action because my essence is what holds me - I'm being. And the more of me you see the less of others you feel only if you recognize that we are with each other to be less bothered. The more of us I enjoy, the more of you I feel as we She.are a moment simply because both of our hearts are pounding. Freeing the shackles that keep us apart from bonding, I meet you where you are to just remove your boundaries. Barriers in place to prevent my doing so I use my words for your heart buts it's your mind I have to go through it.

'gone green'

Kenya, Umfu Umfu?!

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