Saturday, June 11, 2011

"My Niggas!" - Mitishamba

I heard that Jessie Jackson n 'em was trying to bury the word Nigga. In my mind I'm like, "these two Niggas must be joking right, Nigga?!" My Nigga just laughed.

Bury the word Nigga?! Yeah right Nigga! Originated in the United States, Nigga! But never united in what it states, Nigga! Then how can a word be buried and rest in that peaceful place, Nigga?! With freedom to say it Nigga?! Can't stop me from thinking you walk talk an act like disease, Nigga! So you know what, Nigga?! Lets just vaccinate your mind until your fool of this, Nigga! Serene is when I'm around My Niggas who know me from this Nigga's heart, as in, my deeds Nigga!! While these Niggas are trying to bury them Niggas, My Niggas down there waiting to penetrate great minds, Nigga! Umfu Umfu, I find you and you are all mine, Nigga! Coz only you know how to take the whole of this Nigga's mind, Nigga! I'll just let these Niggas bury a word while I bury my Niggas with verbs, Nigga!! Action and I'm in charge Nigga, well aware that Niggas from Kenya don't sprint fast, Nigga. I'd rather next.tell Her to be My Nigga coz I know that next She'll let me all in that. NIGGAaaaaaaaahhh!!!! BEEEEAAAST!!!

'gone green'

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