Sunday, June 19, 2011

"oh My Father!" - Yeah, you hit her Nerve.

The idea of fatherhood is scary to some, longed for by others, and unwanted by most. Reality being the end of independence, many crave freedom without the responsibility of playing host. Praying for perpetual now knowing full well that She's on the clock and time being her essence, now isn't to be wasted by what in the beginning was just poke. Now that your joke entered in her, reality is crying instead of you laughing, I commend only the ones that loved it from the word "go". You heard "oh My God!", your ego went "yeah I'm good" and like God you loved what you had created with just a stroke. You didn't run when the swelling began and gave love even when your swelling was none but still showed pride in what you've brought. The weak fantasize, the strong realize that what those two fat feet are carrying are two of your's so you dwell in her presence for more support. Her craving is your waking until she delivers what you know to be your pride, but can't openly purport. She nags for more of you and you just brag that she's more of you because you know her worth is true even before she deports. Her contents internal are only visible to the strong who know that whatever beauty they saw on the outside may be temporarily out coz, that was just court. This now is life and the ring you may have decided to enter may not have belonged on the finger after all. The weak hide in the word marriage, the strong know that with life it.self pact means that it takes just the word neglect to ruin that whole act that you may have been deeply involved. The moral being living in all word as a strong man, real man, true man, coz if you not a deeds man?! She won't know you at all. Dead beat, your heart gone from underneath you, showing how shallow your works were when inside her being as you lack the wherewithal. I'm in all Umfu Umfus' say "oh My God" and I know "yeah I'm good" because I find ease in the creation that brings battlefield peace through crying that when it goes silent, you get withdrawals. The product being pride, with her worth being loved because I can now say openly that she carried the capital to my He all along.

Happy Father's Day to all strong man, real man, true man.

'gone green'


  1. This is deep!!!!
    Well put

    1. Thank you much....I'm really glad you took the time to enjoy it.