Friday, June 3, 2011

Respect My Individual

"Don't hate me! Remi!" Re.m.i...Respect My Individual is the only way me and you can get along coz I'm not about to let go of myself. I was created as is and even if you don't believe in Him, then wait until I evolve into a greater being. Your love didn't make me so why is it that you are destroying me with your hate?! I love life, and because of that I look to preserve my being. Don't ask me to evolve or change my being because if your belief is either, then neither are you capable as is. Break it down Ish. Since my birth is currently certain, and my life presently important, the future of you and I is the same; someone say unseen! So your vain judgement of me in the present cannot be true of me in the future so I'm presently working on only me. Better than none but the best of me, and if I'm doing good I know I'm being. Call me human or rather Mitishamba because as we stand here, only I can decide me. To me, only actions of good as naturally known are necessary for we to coexist as beings. Its here I think I can say I know why a caged bird sings. Our singing is from a distance hill telling us that our hearts truly belongs to the east. Where the sun rises and shines a light on the darkness of the west that named the sky the limit, while living the dream of using their sleeping quarters as they wish. Exploring others while forgetting within, where one finds that there is something capable of making you love thee and not just keep abusing. I was born as this and I'm only sure of an end that we all shall encounter with or without need. While I'm present here, "Remi!!" do me coz as long as I'm doing good, we're done, as in did.

'gone green'

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If I ever were to call a man breathtaking, he would have to look like this.


  1. Me too.

    When I saw this photo I became totally consumed with this mans ¨beings¨ -- he wanted us to know him, he wanted the unknowns to see the intensity of his being...a monument to his now and forever...we understood him.

    Leonardo Ricardo

  2. Well put. I'm most definately REMI'ng you.