Monday, June 13, 2011

The Three of You, Know me as One!

I speak three different languages but in the presence of uncertainty, only one - prayer. A prayer in any one of the three languages that can all be understood by only one - My Maker. Who to me is the one that loves me more than me and beyond just my being until He, or maybe She comes - and I'm there. So my speech is in words that only I have an understanding of, that will most articulate my faith in only me that comes from only You since I began with a family affair. Near to You because we now have an intimate meet that only I can enjoy because you offer your love through peace and only me to care. Making our communication unique in the only language You understand, faith, which I believe You gave me to instill pride in me to do as You please while I'm still here. In this life I live interacting with your creation with the intention of being closer to your existence in me, to be a better man while You near. I talk to be heard and walk to be known so my works in this life look better than the me of now and don't hurt an ear. So the confidence in my walk comes from Our talk which, even though I was the only one speaking, You are right there. Amina.

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