Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who's they?!

They is the negativity in thought, of doubt that they inflict on you when you allow them. They is losing your virginity because your thoughts wanted love which your heart didn't allow then. They is letting go of yourself further than you can recognize yourself. They stick with you before you become and until you go but they don't do well to you now. They is not enough because I don't consider me before them so they are doing to me what I don't like to my heart. En masse it's oppression, in individual its hate, and in internal its conflict, but heart is engulfing all that with pride from the start. They is seeing down when me is seeing up. They thought I can't but that was a thought that I allowed so I sought advice while they were not keeping up. Jumping ahead of them and they hate me because I ignored their doubts. Proud to be me as they now fall in love with my being because they lack positive, so naturally I attract them to my works. Nature's art is all around them but they don't feel it because its their nature to have second thoughts. I believe to condense my thoughts so they don't come up before I can act. In the back of my head they reside and with me looking ahead, they don't hold me down because this life is it.self pact.

'gone green'

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