Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Your Hate Uplifts - My Nutrients

The negativity that your heart carries slows you down and in this life that's a marathon, I see being Kenyan as: advantage - me. Your work has been fast in the making but slow in digesting so I shit you out with a quickness just-so I don't hate you, for?! This! Down that way you go and this right here I stay because changing me is like saying you would rather have feces for dinner - What?! Piss! Your weakness is in your heart so I just walk away from you before you take any pride from me, ain', me. A waste of my time would be, to engage my capabilities in this squeeze of time called life to take all the juice from your mouth, ain't no surviving here! I'd much rather have a moment akin, to knowing we are not both from here, so neither is your breath worth more than the one coming out of my mouth, coz there's no limit for it. I have a network that's well connected with a faith that's well protected and deeper it goes so you get lost with the longer I go staying in, and in this, I'm in. And deeper?! It is than those that came before, only all to be found to be the ones that were truly the fake in deed. Word, call it swag I say in Swahili, "Yeye ni Wangu kwa vile maisha ni mbele tu, hatuwezi rudi.ah!" Swag, call me Ish but I'd rather Miti, elevated in doing, out and done in think...King. I, do more today coz my knowledge is necessary to be a better person than I was just now, so from you I go thus today I'm - Her! Emotion suppressed with life in duress I speak my heart and if you may just digest, that's just me saying I - home. Where my heart stays and my love gays with the way the movements of the earth stayed for thousands of yeh..ass. Is was I call those that have gained from the feeling that the reason I exist is to be more of a reap.her! Caring for hearts as She did even as they cruci.fixed, the fear is gone from within, I.

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