Saturday, July 23, 2011

Black Woman I Love You

The bird that you have caged has released a harmony in my heart that makes it beat like its on the verge of an explosion. Call it adrenaline as your painstakingly build has curved out a niche in the place I place rarely another for devotion. Meaning I appreciate that with which sings for freedom while exuding fear to the weak who know nothing about knowing her mental, I call it emotion. A fearful trill in the agony within her being of knowing that she allowed a weak snake to turn venom. Beyond bars I line my verbs to her actions that are soft in nature but tough to the mind that she usually finds always too common. A place where she's showing you how your missionary ways turn her excitement neither on nor does it give her any number of motions. Movements that elongate my thinking that make my thoughts want to glide inside her being deeper, so that she can swallow my commotions. As I peacefully think and she feels better that maybe, just maybe her actions are not for granted but rather, have meaning to the one that she's now touching as her fantasies are the exercises of my notions. Assuming I don't enjoy the company of who she brings with her in the company of her desires which she desires not to be be abused but allowed to blossom. Her entangled ways untangle her heart as she becomes the rose whose thorn many see and think to avoid for lack of knowledge. Many want, few get, many see, few feel as her presence works on the condition of being able to love the fact that her rage is caged for a purpose. Her deep love that many Phelps only to drown as there usually isn't life guarding in the deep waters thus the weak drown in numbers. I strong, I strong, so I long, I long for the woman that I know knows real so her fake is only visible because many were absent in the presence of her best love. For I, dark!

'gone deep green'

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fear Words, Not Math

In the beginning, there was the word, not the math. The math was in the words that were formulated to equate life so its obvious to see their worth. Also shows that God saw the function of letters that were bound by the integration of Eve that changed the equation and had Him going back to work. He subtracted a rib, added unlimited beauty but divided it by the time of the month. Simple calculus that has eluded generations pon generations of man who have given up understanding the differential equation of the opposite one. So God said "take-two" with a second test.that.meant Jesus and a whole bunch of other dudes like Peter and James had to solve it for once. But the answer He found to be the coefficient of a cross that weighed more than an ounce. The Jews nailed it first so I guess accounting for numbers has always been a thing they could easily pass. Over to the chapter on tolerance that asks you to solve for the x & y chromosome while doubling up emotionally on the x while concealing some with y. Estrogen that's converted unequally by throwing two testes together. Which explains why some find it difficult to get in touch with their inner bitch coz all they apply is testosterone. Unfelt in words, aimless in action and easily perturbed when one looks in the mirror and thinks that they sit on a throne. Unaware of how far up they've climbed the y axis and left the down to earth niggas closer to their bitch, ahem, x axis. A dog on a tree leaves its sense on the ground and prompting snake to pick up the cravings of Eve. Manhood lost by the man that stays perched awaiting for instructions from a satisfied Eve that now doesn't have to know what was right, only that the tree that she climbed put some sweat in her weave. Her passion owned, his passion won and the dog on tree know now the wrong he did. Depending on Eve for answers and never reacting to her, just self, which shows that you never listen to your now disappointed Instructor who's calculations were always open but will now be forever hid. Give her a word and she's good, yourself and she's better, deep strokes, you win.

'I'm winning green'

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I think I know Woman, or so I thought.

At last she comes with her feminine ways that make days look like they make the sun shine on itself. Makes me think backwards, on how awkward it would be for me to have myself filled up with her presence only to find it.Self. Confidence in what your heart holds that tells you you can handle the glare that she can bring, and all you have to be is one with her.Self. Knowing is better than mowing, as in all you tasted down there is never as good as what you can get up there when you give her all of your.Self. Believer, yes in deed. Believe her?! Yes in deed! Meaning her actions make me up and I get right into the day knowing my intentions are safe where they're at - shelved. Like a book I read her words as they're Angelic in nature especially when the word is.Self. I plunge deeper in understanding and she understands where I'm standing so the pace of up and downs become one with the existence of me as though we are one.Self. Allowing me inside her more while I lay with my innocence exposed, she glides with the movements of a pro and athletic in works that can make any man exclaim "Mad.ness!" The feeling is not in March but that moment does leave brackets in some thinking thus the need to choose the next one wisely. I feel, so I know. I think, so I do, and my thinking tells me that whatever she wants from me, at the end of the day, is calmness. Watch me straighten her heart, stream line her mind, and since I have been fishing in Alaska, I do Salmons. That's deep water, where the swimmers be, and dare you google this - the Kings are the deepest and hardest to harness. Pink are the most delicate so I call it when I say this - nothing is better than knowing her from behind her lens. Or so I see.