Saturday, July 23, 2011

Black Woman I Love You

The bird that you have caged has released a harmony in my heart that makes it beat like its on the verge of an explosion. Call it adrenaline as your painstakingly build has curved out a niche in the place I place rarely another for devotion. Meaning I appreciate that with which sings for freedom while exuding fear to the weak who know nothing about knowing her mental, I call it emotion. A fearful trill in the agony within her being of knowing that she allowed a weak snake to turn venom. Beyond bars I line my verbs to her actions that are soft in nature but tough to the mind that she usually finds always too common. A place where she's showing you how your missionary ways turn her excitement neither on nor does it give her any number of motions. Movements that elongate my thinking that make my thoughts want to glide inside her being deeper, so that she can swallow my commotions. As I peacefully think and she feels better that maybe, just maybe her actions are not for granted but rather, have meaning to the one that she's now touching as her fantasies are the exercises of my notions. Assuming I don't enjoy the company of who she brings with her in the company of her desires which she desires not to be be abused but allowed to blossom. Her entangled ways untangle her heart as she becomes the rose whose thorn many see and think to avoid for lack of knowledge. Many want, few get, many see, few feel as her presence works on the condition of being able to love the fact that her rage is caged for a purpose. Her deep love that many Phelps only to drown as there usually isn't life guarding in the deep waters thus the weak drown in numbers. I strong, I strong, so I long, I long for the woman that I know knows real so her fake is only visible because many were absent in the presence of her best love. For I, dark!

'gone deep green'

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