Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fear Words, Not Math

In the beginning, there was the word, not the math. The math was in the words that were formulated to equate life so its obvious to see their worth. Also shows that God saw the function of letters that were bound by the integration of Eve that changed the equation and had Him going back to work. He subtracted a rib, added unlimited beauty but divided it by the time of the month. Simple calculus that has eluded generations pon generations of man who have given up understanding the differential equation of the opposite one. So God said "take-two" with a second test.that.meant Jesus and a whole bunch of other dudes like Peter and James had to solve it for once. But the answer He found to be the coefficient of a cross that weighed more than an ounce. The Jews nailed it first so I guess accounting for numbers has always been a thing they could easily pass. Over to the chapter on tolerance that asks you to solve for the x & y chromosome while doubling up emotionally on the x while concealing some with y. Estrogen that's converted unequally by throwing two testes together. Which explains why some find it difficult to get in touch with their inner bitch coz all they apply is testosterone. Unfelt in words, aimless in action and easily perturbed when one looks in the mirror and thinks that they sit on a throne. Unaware of how far up they've climbed the y axis and left the down to earth niggas closer to their bitch, ahem, x axis. A dog on a tree leaves its sense on the ground and prompting snake to pick up the cravings of Eve. Manhood lost by the man that stays perched awaiting for instructions from a satisfied Eve that now doesn't have to know what was right, only that the tree that she climbed put some sweat in her weave. Her passion owned, his passion won and the dog on tree know now the wrong he did. Depending on Eve for answers and never reacting to her, just self, which shows that you never listen to your now disappointed Instructor who's calculations were always open but will now be forever hid. Give her a word and she's good, yourself and she's better, deep strokes, you win.

'I'm winning green'

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