Thursday, July 7, 2011

I think I know Woman, or so I thought.

At last she comes with her feminine ways that make days look like they make the sun shine on itself. Makes me think backwards, on how awkward it would be for me to have myself filled up with her presence only to find it.Self. Confidence in what your heart holds that tells you you can handle the glare that she can bring, and all you have to be is one with her.Self. Knowing is better than mowing, as in all you tasted down there is never as good as what you can get up there when you give her all of your.Self. Believer, yes in deed. Believe her?! Yes in deed! Meaning her actions make me up and I get right into the day knowing my intentions are safe where they're at - shelved. Like a book I read her words as they're Angelic in nature especially when the word is.Self. I plunge deeper in understanding and she understands where I'm standing so the pace of up and downs become one with the existence of me as though we are one.Self. Allowing me inside her more while I lay with my innocence exposed, she glides with the movements of a pro and athletic in works that can make any man exclaim "Mad.ness!" The feeling is not in March but that moment does leave brackets in some thinking thus the need to choose the next one wisely. I feel, so I know. I think, so I do, and my thinking tells me that whatever she wants from me, at the end of the day, is calmness. Watch me straighten her heart, stream line her mind, and since I have been fishing in Alaska, I do Salmons. That's deep water, where the swimmers be, and dare you google this - the Kings are the deepest and hardest to harness. Pink are the most delicate so I call it when I say this - nothing is better than knowing her from behind her lens. Or so I see.

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