Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Feelings

My verbs are tender with nerves that tend to irritate those that get confused with how to take me when I speak to express. In passing some think with anger when my sentences sentence their thoughts coz mine appear to be of excess. Saying that they're more than necessary and thus make the argument that feeble minds use to put their thoughts in defense. Attack they think, but my passion it seems engulfs that which hasn't been uttered from the mouth of nonesense. Mine is common, but pride isn't common and at the risk of being a hypocrate I speak of actions that have experienced neither thought nor passion so what they most likely lack is essence. Empty inside so the byproduct becomes that which is seen as though it wasn't meant to be because it lacks a sense of presence. Its a feeling. Meaning some bits and pieces of my words touch while others get thrown under the bus as though the worth of my words means nothing. Note; the thing that makes others consume me is the same thing that makes others get consumed by me as my words confuse the deeds of those that live without thinking of tomorrow as a blessing. Living today to the maximum because the obvious thought is tomorrow isn't guaranteed but forget God's promise of the best is yet, so they awake cursing. Becasue I feel, I pause, because I think I pause, as the swahili seem to know that the turtle's years number in the hundreds as opposed to the rabbit's eagerness in reproducing. Outnumbered in speed but they live out their number with ease with their hard shells that allow for a more balanced approach when touching. Mwenda pole hajikwai, as in he who knows he can walk doesn't have to run because energy is both potential and kinetics but being keen is more potent than rushing. Since the speed of sound is faster than I, I use my words ahead of mine so that me, myself, and I can get there in one piece without regretting. My feelings are tender and I tend to use them more often than others who outnumber me like a calender, but I'm consumed by the thought that God has me on his agenda so I don't have to use up His days without saving for something better, or I'll live fretting. That's just how I feel, unless He's bluffing.

'green for a reason'