Saturday, October 29, 2011

Call Me Ishmael.

"I could call myself a jack of all trades but that would require trading for Daniel who's jack showed in threes. Blurred in vision like the king that wanted him burning in a furnace only to be shocked by what he ended up seeing. Seeing as though I'm not one to brag I'm just gonna upend economics through jacking with every place I swim. Liquid gold are my thoughts that produce fluid verses that commit my words to writing under the influence. That's Jack Daniels that causes confusion to an amateur consumer who gulps every sign but staggers in my penman's inquest. Confused it seems, seems to be what others would feel when I complete a boast with some subtle kindness. Kindly give up because this is an intellectual stick-up, so I'm not gonna ask to see hands up coz my confidence is full, hands down. I'm done for now with messing with the softness of the cushion of life's conveniences that make morons out of jacks that trade only in words without wisdom. I'll call it how I see it, Wale, Kendrick, Lupe, and maybe just a few new others would even come close to the level of Hip Hop's greatness. Lately the game has many cats feeling tardy so they spring forth to the mic but catch it in winter, frozen. And often the competition is reduced to one hits with knockouts for those that chase fame and not fortune. A career gangster the emblem of a fall back plan that involves the slow decline of one's income that is forced to revolve around costumes. Swag on fool with jacking with only one side of a dream only to wake up with the nightmare of responsibilities and other mental tortures. I jack with many and trade with few because I'm frugal with verbs, careful not to exhaust myself by simply chasing. Obviously I won't catch all but the many I jack with I know I have my all invested so I beg to differ from the ones that see Hip and just start pacing. Sheep, nah, Shepherd, maybe, so excuse me for the wool that I put on for this stage because I know after a fall, its for winter's taking. I'm Ishmael and if its Jack, I'm trading."

'Green as can be.'

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