Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cipher 107 ~ The Jungle Beckons; Welcome ~ Watch the Throne Vs. Watch the Thorn.

“Welcome to reality where nothing goes up or inside of me, starved is the image they provided thee, but bloated with dreams that no one will ever get out or provide for me, triage this is your hospital’s bed that I’m just grinding in, mirage lacking all the oasis as some married thieves, marred from the beginnings to the endings of my miles in tiffs. No muzzled tuffs or mazel tovs just green for any think that doesn’t come with Fahrenheit’s derivatives. Calculated dues, 40 acres turned blues my mules just had to deal with some scourged things. Scavengers in seams these muted diseases just turned up from their routed deeds. Titles of deeds lacking history so they artificially went just to plant a seed. Uprooted with leaves that lack any image to reflect exactly where my porridge is. Bring those degrees; three will never separate me from me even as their lies and fantasies periodically appear to succeed. No beauties coz if six is their most trusted beast, they afraid of seven where my workers find their rest and shield. Matching money with money doesn’t require one to turn to frits. But since its fear that leads them and their glass houses as an attempt to sync, let them continue caging a bird that doesn’t fly with wings. These are indelible bars prisons just provides a bigger wall for my love is seats. Seeing as though the guilty are what their eyes use to confirm and fit. Proper nouns, proverb gowns my actions and words are real and who's to say that they can't come in fridge?!”

“Vegetative State”

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