Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cipher 108 ~ Office Boxed Homes ~ Watch the Throne Vs. Watch the Thorn: The Mitishamba Series

“Assassinating your character? Look in the mirror and see if it ain’t you, yourself, and your name that’s killing everything you stand on. Or were you not born with the freedom of characters but just recently you and Jay's Oven chose to take the path that will make you stand on stoves. The heat is on, yeah, yeah, your beats are on, but when the lights go out who’s gonna be assassinating your presence like it’s a blessing, trolls?! Yea they fishing, for men that is, coz they fear the journey of that woman that recently blessed the waters  for your sake, blows. I’m throwing these nouns knowing good and well that my verbs are in the deep where many Phelps only to find its still me, chilling on Popeye’s grounds. Keep feeding me that spinach and Olive's Oil while I anchor in leisure as I witness your works enrich the evil one ignorant of whose canal you speak from, their hate’s pores. Born out of the shooters’ mouths but I spear fish which has more precision so once those bullets have been used up on nothing other than them preserving their fear of the same things you tout, move over troves. The treasure’s been hunted, the REAL black diamonds have been worked on long enough to know the depths like the back of the hand you see 'em kiss all day long, shows. Pacing, fearfully on the shores these sand trekkers got Homes in Boxed Offices mocking you like their false Truths means we Blood but since the salty bottom is all glossed up, it’s just their own skirts they blowing, so I just watch and pity these fowls. Headless turkeys thinking moving screens can shield the fear their weakest victorian soul that lives amongst men of the Jungle begging to be caged like she has anything that has pity in its eyes, owls. Lions and tigers and these Night watchers in robes hunting men like they existed only to be fought but now they are all tongue-tied, using books and moving screens because verbally they're just flesh cling ons and can all easily be exposed. My lands has plants nations with names that defy even my own imaginations so why bother running with hyenas uncle, if its not their scarred faces that really want these thrones. Say hollow to my little friends they blowed crack from their white lines but this is clean air, my acts are bold but subtle in reclaiming my full cups of gold. You seen roots, yea, Kunta knows what a single name holds that if their questions were or not, it just means they lack any answer to anything worthy so they continually attempt fairy tales like reality doesn't have any stores. But now since you claim to match their money, believe that they are now talking in currents seas and vampire think trying to scramble at the storm front to shield you from any big moves while purchasing large swaths of land like their titles have any deeds as I'll just push them once again, shores. If you listen to yourself Mr. West, your words now lead a legion of doomed men churning out screened soap boxes as they don’t even know any other way to speak to a man that walks and makes even air look brave, I just call it my temperatures outsourced. These are just cool breezes to your summer months that are hear and listen to them burning free from where you crouched my tigers' songs. I know you know as I speak so as you read this know that I can speak from myself and talk of another's bird that they caged only to find it lives better when given metal bars as string alongs. Freelancer in my deeds and hopes are for weeds to be uprooted in the open and seas because when the flute was playing, only Rasta chose to lead my blazing tongs.”

“Green, Tree limbed, with photos, but see, their life’s in synthetics.”

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