Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cypher 102 ~ Watch the Throne Vs. Watch the Thorn: The Mitishamba Series

“Looking at life through the rear view got me seeing clearly who rears views. I mean how long can one keep insulting the woman that reared you then turn and complain about a man whose work you are compared to?! If it’s your work that makes you an individual then stop and think for yourself dude, or stop using my queen’s ass to talk like you have the right to walk with her bare shoes. If it’s the quantity of your ignorance that has you measuring yourself by how many of the weakest souls you can have near you. Then my suggestion is for you to stop looking down at yourself and give her some measure of respect that’s been past due. But since past you is any energy to make anything of yourself as you now you have actually chosen to become Jews. It's only right that the heat greets you like the oasis you are to these fools. As you Humph like a camel bragging about being in the Sauna with these, look around you, they’re deporting your kind because I guess they’ve finally learned to love you in your envied hue. The measure of a man’s heart is virtually impossible but if man’s heart was to be measured, the possibility of you having a number has already been used. You continue to sell your dreams with no direction of who sees your clues. Lucky enough since I know all your work has been during the lost time, I’m deciding that the best thing to do is not sell, but give you all my thoughts for free which I know given your state, you’ll also abuse. The words I use have been read and heard before I even became a clue, and so have yours so if we meet I’ll just know you ran from the other side without yours coz they are all afraid of your months in June. The shores are filled with enough sand to make sandals for the poor but since you lack any feet, these are my shoes I’m taking off just so you won’t be accused.”

“Green, if I could change my name, I also would”    

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