Friday, June 29, 2012

Mitishamba, I come Raw ~ Watch my Thorns

“For too long I’ve journeyed through myself trying to overstand any manner with which I can see the good in me but at every turn, I’m reminded that I can only amount to what another prescribes. This is me, nothing synthetic that sometimes I come off too raw and materialize things that make me not want to be described. Promised myself that I can be better only to see worse things inside turning my outside to someone destroyed. Things I said I wouldn’t do to another, I have and never can that page be turned because what is has been done and once outside closes some doors. Yea I’m always open, besides I don’t know any different so when I reach into that extreme all the good within turns sour and I’m discouraged. I know my weaknesses but accepting my strengths is something that comes filled with this void. Empty and in truth if there was someone that would have assured, they left me young and I wish to have them in my heart but that too now has too many flaws that I’ve tried to hide but it showed. If a rose grew from concrete I wouldn’t wish for more because my heart tells me I have a colleague that carried a bigger thorn so my budding and these harvesting bee stings are just a drone whose heart’s gone. Stoned, emotions fully exposed that if I could catch myself before I leave I still won’t know how strong. I want to, matter of fact I need to be sown back together so I wade through my imperfections accepting the heaps of faults that split my personality so I scribe. Doodles, hungry from not having food in strings like noodles I hang on every word which often come bitterly from those that don’t see me from me but I'll still try.”

“Mr. Beam, I’m Barred in Green.”

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