Monday, June 18, 2012

Socrates Boasts ~ Cipher 105 ~ Watch the Throne Vs. Watch the Thorn: The Mitishamba Series

“If the so called teams with pious its bias the way I see them split others in congregations like the roamer pope and his concrete jungles walks using his own two feet. The evil in this grave digger is more than enough to blow his skirts and the caged penguin-looking virgins trying hard to fit into the midgets Santa can turn to when the cold gets too much to produce heat. Or any broomsticks, so its steves and bobs he sledges and little boys as packed gifts in his flying feats gliding into homes uninvited like the cookie monster that he is but its just Pinocchio trying to broaden his narrow cheats. Or maybe wits, since it’s on behalf of the half-witted that I can be half with it and seem like the whole of me never once performed any major splits. He’s cloaked up blowing white smoke every time another passes into the clouds that they think they can by-pass their worship of a fallen star with. Trying to mirror everything mummy but you can’t stagnate time as yours lacks any sword big enough to even cut into some uprooted trees. Or plant any dry leaves so my suggestion to the Benedictions currently being read as a Shem is to turn east. Your beauty lacks this beast so I muddy your fake waters by stomping your yards using some novice tease. Time ain’t friendly bitch so while your mobs bark and follow in families that think fear is about making another fall asleep with the fish, I Jonah your spades and turn Jokers into your chambers like Wilt. Acing your hoods and unlocking the lockednests that I monster with Godzilla by the side of where you just recently went to gift Crocodiles as a chance for your mentally Castrated to breathe. Still following leaves?! Let me shed some light into your eternally mulched streets that you hope you can turn into some place for your future seeds. First, you lack just that, second, you come just as such, third, its pigs that pick up Latin so I wonder why the necessities in avoiding your own concretized fields. Do you lack sheep? Or is it the numerous statues your soul salutes that came alive just when you thought you could bury yourself with some jungle’s teeth?! Grab some dentures and let’s put some centuries in your walk unless its I that you are trying to carry as sleeves. From the murder capital to the capital with murderers that bring some real heat I’m ecstatic that you thought you could scoop the fire into your lap but it’s in vain since its Murder to Excellence that’s willingly stated its willingness to join my earthly goons in this final feast.”

“Green, Omnivorous, so I Carnive them with meats.”      

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