Monday, June 11, 2012

Cipher 101 ~ Watch the Throne Vs. Watch the Thorn: The Mitishamba Series

“As I welcomes the Heat I’m aware of the longstanding tradition of never accepting the feathered birds that stick together for the sake of sticking others in a net coz they just be fishing for snakes that have nothing in common with go getters. If gone then get stuck since the wall is where you now choose to sell your thoughts of yesterday that when today arrives nothing will come your way but plucked birds that bald on sight of another’s neighbor. Jealousy accumulated from days spent cooling a heart that knows the most heated argument doesn’t come without rock stained realities that King Kong the curious George can knock knock and it will never open since the existence thereof comes from the fear therein of another’s independent nature. A warrior’s blood doesn’t mix with that of a smooth talker coz slippery slopes always have the broadest woman following your every deed so now you stuck bragging about how many of her midgets don’t see your ignorance written on pure paper. I put money in a book written on those pure when naked that if True Blood is your misguided depiction of what it means to traverse the bottom of the ocean, then welcome to cool runnings, my pure cainers. No sugar cager, sweetness got me Burying Sanders coz Colonel the Sheriff has no sight for my deputant manners. Organized around a note that has no value when no one seas us, Atlant this and, its pacifying that you are looked at to do all their playful majors. My balls don’t swing for tigers, just facing the bitch that owls for a jungle to cage her. Lions and, bribers, and bears oh fcuk your stars, mine has no bearings so god luck if you also want to capitalize on my frequent namers. Ishmael, this gorilla doesn’t need the broad when the narrow filters itself from smokey’s rangers. “Only you can prevent forest fires!” Do you always need reminders?! Take these breadcrumbs and eat before the cookie monster crumbles and a nose becomes their only measures. Who’s lying?! Pino ain’t Leo, so I don’t read from anything that has a rainbow that carries the most obvious minders. Sole modeled, carbon dated and Coke bottled, my genie doesn’t need a bottle when your glass has been emptied with the solids you made her. Crackpot I’m cooking up shit that smells like a rose only if your eyes ain’t her’s. Blue grass, this Ken has turkeys ready to feast in your disguises you impotent mangers. This is child’s play, so call me chucky with chunks of chuckied cheese diced up to circle your blocks building bulls of shit and then some. Ayo, Jay Over, you on the straight not narrow so call me when you can think beyond the bend son. I own you now, no need to find empty cans when water fills up on its own when Cajun. Fire hot, spicy, them others are just tomb raiders wit Indian curse around their necks the name Red burn. Bzzz, I just shitted on ‘em but no pollen for this bee, my workers are queens, you just fall when you taste some. Drone attacks no manning a bitch that turns to hum. Go on then, H.A.M.”

"Match my Green, I HIGHLY Doubt."

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