Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cipher 110 ~ Rocked and Steadied ~ My Thorn Watching: The Mitishamba Series

“The more doubt the more clout. I capitalize on the questions that already have answers so all I present are exclamation marks of sorts that only ring true to those with bouts. Fighting off any streamlined conclusions to my ins and outs I draw from zigs and zag through any exhalations that would rather me shout. Hold up….this is not how I deem my smile so this frown is just the idea of someone that thinks they have a watch on my mouth. Showed up to find routes clogged with empty shells that purchase my verbs like they exist with a fault. Crack lines waiting to pounce on anything that has the right ways like night days requires walking with acid like gout. Pain in staking anything so my prayer is for Rasta to burn dem Sems who make things and claim to have done it alone like their steps on sand have any designated route. My power puffed girls can sync my joints with the steps that align with Popeye’s choice to have Oil bury these weathered bastards in the deepest part of my loins, I remain stout. Flesh eating bacteria they always craving blood like they don’t have enough of their own to destroy that’s why they cry foul at the smallest verbal threat that’s employed in showin how quick they turn West in fear of who they actually seek shelter from, being told the wall is theirs if they can vault. If they self.made, why do they always seek my brothers’ shades then, I think its coz living alone in the light reveals that they have no nest eggs as they’ll just be bird watchers waiting for an eagle to rest or build anything that doesn’t show them as the ones that drag societies into aimless jolts. My lightning’s Bolts with thoughts that can make you sane from their fog and see clearly why it’s more important to give animals a home than those that worship the back of another while trying to break what it’s housed. Memory doesn’t come without action so their thoughts of making it disappear without a reaction is  more comical than watching a dog chase its own tail then forget its whereabouts. Where’s your home homes?! Or is traversing a desert something you eternally do like you ever had any love in anything that you claim to do so as you make sure happiness is what you precede your death with, I just know my work is to leave you uncloaked. No hard feelings, just pieced together humpty dumpty's breakaway shell disguised as a brick for snowhite's snout. No sniffs, pigs only exist to fake some clean up after an unnecessary drought.”

“Oh Is….you have no…Ra…and you don’t deserve el. That’s my end, Ishmael….The Green Monster.”

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