Friday, September 28, 2012

"Post Nortime" ~ Planting Season ~ Mitishamba - Infinitely I.

"Nine lives I live looking like my nine to fives have turned six with no time for seven so fcuk 'em, I skip three. I'm on ten now and counting bliss seeing as though I wasted time trying to compete with blessings of nouns none can deplete. If you can catch my rhymes your life is sweet with no sugar coating, but molasses runs deep. Viscous liquids unlike water my verbs are running still so don't mess with my actions, coz even my thoughts don't come cheap. Your nose bleeding, so wash my think as you watch from far like you can paint my feet. I come ready, prepared for any action in a life full of bitch actors that fake it 'till they make nothing worth watching now turning reality TV'd. I'm on more reality than I can care to sea as I bearly go through my jungle of baobab trees. Mitishamba and roots is my creed, since I know spending my time in this life means I gotta eat so watch me chewing up time like its green. Choosin to work on hard since all I see is flaccid nuggas, can't even penetrate her V."

"Loads of green."