Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'Name Names, Ms. Castle....' ~ Mitishamba ~ Killuminati.

"If I’m another’s idea of myself, then my other idea is to stop being myself and ask for the other to pronounce my name. And I dare you denounce my mane with your jealous views that can’t stomach the idea of being unwanted since everyone you look down on craves my speech, as yours comes from sand. Such a Shem to have corralled all of your history under millions of years of impotence yet lack any individual stem. This writing being irrelevant as it’s in the language of uselessness with plastic representing what it actually wants said. Synthesized all beginnings since the whole and its endings all revolve around my shade. What existed before was a language of thought so my thinking is somewhat redundant since its Cinderella monarchs that always want to imitate where my Lion stays. Your painted scion isn't sage and the emptiness of what you present in life is a testament of why it’s not your book, so you wage death in exchange for my name. You can act and pretend, trap with false pretense, grab and leave bends, run and speed death, but nothing you do will make me move beyond my dirt’s limit of your skied ends. Reflecting waters fled dubbed the exit of strengths but I know it’s just your fear of my game that’s made for real hunters and not of men. By any means you've used me to make your ends and teach nothing of your lack of any boundary with happiness so it’s my soul you still crave. A lake always existed, yet you took its name thinking what’s downstream will swim to you instead. Water conforms to earth’s will miss grave as you continue to die for want of its men, but in my pillow’s talk the elephant wants back all you’ve caused stray. Name me any limited end and I’ll maim you with my unlimited space at any given time knowing full well my history doesn’t have to include you, to have said. So I'm including you in what I'm saying because all that I have acquired isn't for my gain but rather your false teachings of walking superior, but using my legs and as far as thought, you're the scarecrow on my paige."

“My name is Ishmael, but call me Green Unbred.”              

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