Monday, June 24, 2013

Opine on Dark Girls

response to dangerousNEGRO's request for insight on OWN's...

'Dark Girls'

"For my dark berry's seeds. Buried deep in the earth lies a dormant picture unseen that portray scenes in colors that can breathe. An aroma lacking scented schemes where a family's planning still revolves around one's skin. Determined the dermis represents dummies so findings are used for confining my love into name-sets, a continuous ancestral strip. Called Smith yet constructed nil, if the shoe fit without wearing it then someone is using your feet. I know the vice grips many into thinking running toward sheen forgetting that not all oil meets my dark one's canvas as ink". Mitishamba, the dark berry went East.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


My sentences are menaces to your innocence
with the more minutes spent questioning the messages
rather than embracing it.
Captured moments turned into rhythmic storage bins
fermenting emotions seen
but actively hidden through obvious means.
Prevention is better than a curator since
my records draw from actual comments' seeds
translated into an imagination for a historian's read.
Consider this the lighthearted me
known through the reflection of measured things
stretching into anyone's existence carrying the heaviest zeal.

Mitishamba ~ Splitting lines hair envy.
"kudhani ni majani"

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Game of Seven ~ I Man

"Finale demands a command of emotion not fact. Expanded plays and exhibits that have a conclusion from the start. Perishable finds rot, making even this sentence stale as soon as one sees what's truly between these knots. Known acts amplified shrink the longer air exposes its presence within its parts. This is where reading amid dots leaves many cringing as lines fail to come up therefore experiencing six firsts. Tangled hearts clot in the presence of thought turning acquired knowledge into an unnecessary angel incapable of shouldering the blame for this smart. The amount of effort given to this point points to a certain dedication in this sport where words play court for anything conscious of a stat. It's therefore difficult to imagine a journey if you can't talk of walks taken until records tire minds that keep track. Paths of dreams pave facts, leading one to take an emotion serious thus command peace even if calm bounces in and out as though bored met a thumb tack. Sort of like a targeted theme with the intent of penetrating screens providing a shield when the double edge swings back. The execution of what is already split provides a platform to unite with what was original in tact. Skills on display express still diagrams of excess and ovular sketches whose seeds' stump stand unique even in a forest of trees uncut."  

#6theat, 7up!

Mitishamba ~ Hadi Kumi na Tatu
"Majani majini, leta arthi."

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sura ya Kitabu ~ The Book's Face Covered

What's on your Mind.......

June 2, 2010

"Perception works where reality lacks and the
reality is, I'll have to perceive someone to be real. And for real. 
Because if I start to question what I'm perceiving, then this reality 
will cease from where its already lacking. So in order to experience the reality that someone else controls, I have adopted this perspective that negates what is 
not and perceives what is, and is true." ~ Ishmael Mitishamba

What's on your Mind.......

August 31, 2010

I find peace of mind in knowing, not ignoring. Because in knowing that you are lying, I can more easily say peace to you from my mind and even more easily ignore your bullshit because I'm mindful of my peace and I know it. ~ A Mitishamba moment. 

What's on your Mind.......

October 6, 2011
I spent half my life trying to prepare for the next half of my life and just found out that nothing prepares you for half a is living full and throwing away half the things others put on your life to make it half and not full....I was just a just know half so I'm full.

How presently I feel?!

Ab Soul like
'Turn Me Up'

"....for me is more difficult to be simple that it is to be complex...."

Mitishamba ~ Hadi Kumi na Tatu
"Ngozi Majani"

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Press Wine ~ KuMiti Shamba

"Put it like this, like that didn't mean they were put here to do things. Undoing sings that sung of proverbs from a man with caged ink. Aged speech turned into fresh water, gulped in bulk to measure the feeble heart of a man that only thinks. Therefore I am, but who's to say every human must have the same seat. Barefoot I run after bandits like the Colt of Camano I.sland on both sides of the same beach. Quite a distant reach as dates means carbon arrives after a man breathes. Or many men breathing shows how easy it is for a woman to alter the direction of dogs that once called her bitch. That's the stench of green pastures from a stationary Grinch. Agreeing with the past time but pastor what makes one want to be everyone's shrink. Lectures in mink coated in codes that makes every merchant want to read. Economics of foals, horses made to compete bet soon many will see why blue grass amounts to nature's mystic. Running with tins canned for lacking a heart and scared from the start to pave their own charts that even on water, they couldn't get away from their millions of years worth of Pyramid schemes. A flag ships, I flood ships with tormenting thoughts that reality always fails to meet. Rasta faith is in seeing as in losing my golden locks only means I got blinded by that animal loving bitch. Drink some porridge, bear hug a tree and once in a while call me King coz my dreams speak for themselves even when I'm asleep. Wake up hos, Winter is over. We are now entering the organizations of spring, the gangster's disciples who brought you triskaidekaphobia, fcuk twelve monkeys, I walk with the 13th. No footsteps for me coz there's enough structures of concrete that can speak now on behalf of an actual tree. Intelligent, nah, nature designs as monkeys recline since they know after Midnight, that's 7 midgets with no mustard seed. Bastard kids lacking a father who masters thieves that presently sits further from the top of what started as the pursuit of an never-ending theme. Park is outside, I coast inside wallowing in the mixture of Jurassic and pressed wine that show Godzilla running the streets commanding the creators of actual time with no image for Pantomimes. Its called the bitter and true taste of fermented rhymes."

Mitishamba ~ Hadi Kumi na Tatu.
"Green Composts."

Friday, June 14, 2013

MtiEyeing ~ KuMiti Shamba.

"The smallness of your mind wants me to dumb shit down so your heart can comprehend how I come up with complicated shit to fit my style without breaking stride. No hiccups in my swag because if I ever changed then maybe just my under pants, after the synthetic strings of alcohol infested women whose fruits bulge like loom turning hanes, but never white. Those are shit stained with humpty dumpty's excrement on their face so now if you ask me who I'd break a leg for I'll say get your own hips then hop on out of here since yours have circled the block, used up, and are just plain tired. Tried and truly glorifying hole that has tires rolled up with folds of fat, no wonder the eye is weight watching wondering how to get by with all these mammoths defying science. Heavy weights because your moves are biased so as I check and mate with your supposed queens with no ass, I ask that you watch my donkeys while they cart the one with both eyes."

Mitishamba ~ Hadi Kumi na Tatu.

Mother's land tongue ~ 1000+ lingo = true freedom of speech

"Lugha ya nambari ni kama unga au bahari kwa vile yote uchukua umbo wowote au pahali. Msanii wa nafasi anathibitisha sanaa iwe na malengo kamili, kasoro ni arthi. Msimamo nafsi uondoa majengo yaliyokosa sababu vile vile hesabu - methali. Kuunda neno ni jibu la kitabu bila meno lakini kubweka kinaweza hata kunena kinasema sine inashikilia meno - kihesabu asili, hii ni asali.    .............................................................."

(to be malizwad. any true poet of the soil, alias afrikan, is free to to add to this never-ending poem #shairimilele, in their mother's liberty, aka, tongue).

to continue.....construct a sentence in your lingo that would have the same sound as how you've read this poem. the subject of this poem is the construction of speech so sticking to the subject is just that - speak.

Mitishamba ~ Mtiifu Shambani
"Lugha ya Majani"