Thursday, June 20, 2013

Game of Seven ~ I Man

"Finale demands a command of emotion not fact. Expanded plays and exhibits that have a conclusion from the start. Perishable finds rot, making even this sentence stale as soon as one sees what's truly between these knots. Known acts amplified shrink the longer air exposes its presence within its parts. This is where reading amid dots leaves many cringing as lines fail to come up therefore experiencing six firsts. Tangled hearts clot in the presence of thought turning acquired knowledge into an unnecessary angel incapable of shouldering the blame for this smart. The amount of effort given to this point points to a certain dedication in this sport where words play court for anything conscious of a stat. It's therefore difficult to imagine a journey if you can't talk of walks taken until records tire minds that keep track. Paths of dreams pave facts, leading one to take an emotion serious thus command peace even if calm bounces in and out as though bored met a thumb tack. Sort of like a targeted theme with the intent of penetrating screens providing a shield when the double edge swings back. The execution of what is already split provides a platform to unite with what was original in tact. Skills on display express still diagrams of excess and ovular sketches whose seeds' stump stand unique even in a forest of trees uncut."  

#6theat, 7up!

Mitishamba ~ Hadi Kumi na Tatu
"Majani majini, leta arthi."

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