Friday, June 14, 2013

MtiEyeing ~ KuMiti Shamba.

"The smallness of your mind wants me to dumb shit down so your heart can comprehend how I come up with complicated shit to fit my style without breaking stride. No hiccups in my swag because if I ever changed then maybe just my under pants, after the synthetic strings of alcohol infested women whose fruits bulge like loom turning hanes, but never white. Those are shit stained with humpty dumpty's excrement on their face so now if you ask me who I'd break a leg for I'll say get your own hips then hop on out of here since yours have circled the block, used up, and are just plain tired. Tried and truly glorifying hole that has tires rolled up with folds of fat, no wonder the eye is weight watching wondering how to get by with all these mammoths defying science. Heavy weights because your moves are biased so as I check and mate with your supposed queens with no ass, I ask that you watch my donkeys while they cart the one with both eyes."

Mitishamba ~ Hadi Kumi na Tatu.

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