Saturday, June 15, 2013

Press Wine ~ KuMiti Shamba

"Put it like this, like that didn't mean they were put here to do things. Undoing sings that sung of proverbs from a man with caged ink. Aged speech turned into fresh water, gulped in bulk to measure the feeble heart of a man that only thinks. Therefore I am, but who's to say every human must have the same seat. Barefoot I run after bandits like the Colt of Camano I.sland on both sides of the same beach. Quite a distant reach as dates means carbon arrives after a man breathes. Or many men breathing shows how easy it is for a woman to alter the direction of dogs that once called her bitch. That's the stench of green pastures from a stationary Grinch. Agreeing with the past time but pastor what makes one want to be everyone's shrink. Lectures in mink coated in codes that makes every merchant want to read. Economics of foals, horses made to compete bet soon many will see why blue grass amounts to nature's mystic. Running with tins canned for lacking a heart and scared from the start to pave their own charts that even on water, they couldn't get away from their millions of years worth of Pyramid schemes. A flag ships, I flood ships with tormenting thoughts that reality always fails to meet. Rasta faith is in seeing as in losing my golden locks only means I got blinded by that animal loving bitch. Drink some porridge, bear hug a tree and once in a while call me King coz my dreams speak for themselves even when I'm asleep. Wake up hos, Winter is over. We are now entering the organizations of spring, the gangster's disciples who brought you triskaidekaphobia, fcuk twelve monkeys, I walk with the 13th. No footsteps for me coz there's enough structures of concrete that can speak now on behalf of an actual tree. Intelligent, nah, nature designs as monkeys recline since they know after Midnight, that's 7 midgets with no mustard seed. Bastard kids lacking a father who masters thieves that presently sits further from the top of what started as the pursuit of an never-ending theme. Park is outside, I coast inside wallowing in the mixture of Jurassic and pressed wine that show Godzilla running the streets commanding the creators of actual time with no image for Pantomimes. Its called the bitter and true taste of fermented rhymes."

Mitishamba ~ Hadi Kumi na Tatu.
"Green Composts."

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