Monday, June 17, 2013

Sura ya Kitabu ~ The Book's Face Covered

What's on your Mind.......

June 2, 2010

"Perception works where reality lacks and the
reality is, I'll have to perceive someone to be real. And for real. 
Because if I start to question what I'm perceiving, then this reality 
will cease from where its already lacking. So in order to experience the reality that someone else controls, I have adopted this perspective that negates what is 
not and perceives what is, and is true." ~ Ishmael Mitishamba

What's on your Mind.......

August 31, 2010

I find peace of mind in knowing, not ignoring. Because in knowing that you are lying, I can more easily say peace to you from my mind and even more easily ignore your bullshit because I'm mindful of my peace and I know it. ~ A Mitishamba moment. 

What's on your Mind.......

October 6, 2011
I spent half my life trying to prepare for the next half of my life and just found out that nothing prepares you for half a is living full and throwing away half the things others put on your life to make it half and not full....I was just a just know half so I'm full.

How presently I feel?!

Ab Soul like
'Turn Me Up'

"....for me is more difficult to be simple that it is to be complex...."

Mitishamba ~ Hadi Kumi na Tatu
"Ngozi Majani"

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