Saturday, July 13, 2013

11 11 11 ~ Pacifist Time

Rest in the pieces of what gravity makes us - observants.

"Watched the neighbor hood himself as the eye of the whole, for neighbors to look impressed. Were suggestions for any with a gun to be first to show interest?! Or was it a mention of 'many of them are thugs so we need to get one' george, with curiosity as his address?! Monkey seen doing things similar to walking means pursuit of happiness gleans on formerly balanced beams, presently with scales as heavy as skin, body's heaviest organ while heart now rests. Given the trigger says its God's will, thinking for watchmen is a dreadful thing as all final decisions made always exist between two beings and 911 is operated in accordance with the existence of police who would have come and helped george kill the cat, but I digress" Ishmael Mitishamba ~ The Heart has a conscious, residence?!

Comments on an online article full of hateful rebuttals on #trayvonsoul

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