Sunday, July 28, 2013

Facing a book ~ Opines

In woman I trust, defend, and desire.

Keari Mitishamba
September 27, 2012 at 11:35am via mobile · 
  • "Birds of prey, my birds just pray and let strays perch on a dead nest where eggs get walls sprayed. Left its mind alone and who enters?! Therefore she is but being herself has another trying to define her ways. Work harder coz humpty n his wails won't change her speech from day. Night gowns and windows dressed looks like wearing light armor has its advantages since cotton mandates they weigh. Scales of thought with snakes on one boat so that nothing infront has a say?! I spit now and order enzymes to digest the following of the one that doesn't have any direction on land as earth sways." Mitishamba...bird weights.

Keari Mitishamba
June 8, 2012 at 9:44am via mobile · 
  • "In a world full of humans....some are used to names others....a jungle. Let reality ring....from the hills of Utopia to the plains of Zealand ring.....from moorhouse to the streets unpaved with roots as speed bumps ring.....from those that own humans because of their weak hearts and are now about to face the reality that awaits them and their dealers ring.....from my thoughts that I utter with the knowledge of Leo's toungue.....ring. Let reality ring....the dream became a reality for all to see but even then they refuse to accept basic facts of a master's key notes....ring. Ring until the evil that is their minds is no more and turns to the dust that we all see earth...ring. Sand dunes for memories saved from those who's memory they tried to erase using their triangulated seas in trade...ring. From the dead's sea I scroll for nothing more than seein them burn for their sins and hurt ring. Let reality ring because they abuse freedom in every act that they perform with malice and hate...ring." Mitishamba.....freedom to speak should have led you to address me as an equal but still undress me with your weak souls so I blind you...bling!!

Keari Mitishamba
November 8, 2012 at 10:53pm via mobile · 
  • "Speak now because forever promises a hold on peace in bits and not fullness as piecing anything together means you haven't yet created something complete. I repeat. Peace now speaks to the ever present hold on whatever piece of full views on any bits that have yet to be filled but come together to be seen fit. Confused?! Take a dip and dive into the concious mind of the one that can create fetes with fragments of tips like the mind works on shreds of calls that wants its own seams stitched. Torn and rough but as rugged as grits with a mixture of corn where husking leaves some words exposed but still most seeds unseen like its using sun screens. Blind stares to Rays blowin Charlise but no haze as clear thoughts compound to functions that intergrate no limits so the sum of my pieces equal exponent speech." Mitishamba ~ Yea! I calculust.

Keari Mitishamba
March 21, 2012 at 10:13am via mobile · 
  • Deepened words that flood thoughts....its just my weekend verbs. Many Phelps the deep end world...only to drown from lack of a detailed mind whose thinking...hurts....So I buy them vowels & get uuu's and aaaa's wit mouth moving like Nemo but lost in the waves of my emotionless touts.

How presently I feel

Maya Wegerif

".......which journal has recorded our histories inside and who is the author?! Bring Bantu Biko back to us and undo those old tongues because these ones are telling us to hush.........."

"Green arts"

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