Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"from a farmer to a criminal?! Khat in Kenya!"

"Wakulima wenzangu, tulia, calm the heart. Planters with no farm will always use cloaks to dig dirt. The way Mitishamba in a sentence sees it, it's a law meant to turn stable families and future competition into present things to hurt. Or hunt. Turn your fields into grounds of war on plants - cloaked reasons for their kids to show guts. Set up shop. Clean up house. Plowing through 'illegal' trees that make your blessings seem cursed. Jealousy in theory, failed actions written in glory, the blueprint of grains' sprouts is followed eloquently by a harvester with a sheath while a sword plucks. A matador of sorts, oblivious of whether soil views what drips on its face as an animal at work or wanting shed blood. You see, a tree, is its son, and if sacrifices on land must be made with double edges then your blade, my dear farmer, has yet to strike back. After all, facts are thoughts and if dreams lead nights then your steps thus far have left daylight marks on enough leaves, let alone trunks. Rings full of information stored in barks that protect all your efforts against loggers who make you feel wooed with costumed notes filled with fairies and tales of big bucks. The bet is to turn you victim, but take heart in the future thanks to positive seeds penned daily painting an involved nation articulating in unison a building block of things such as mkulima, being young. Leave them calling it khat, silent K's just fight for space in a mouth full of Miraa!"

Mitishamba ~ mwana arthi
"Green plants"
special thanks to for the second to last statement.

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