Monday, July 22, 2013

Bantu tongue knotting ~ N worded

"N is a Z in motion pictured during capitalism's exploits of letters used by boys on course to man exploring heel. In shoe-talk, glass slipper meet your more desirable counterpart, sleeve. Designed outcomes to stall another's steps during migration reeks of a mind-ego cultivated as glass laps while in heat. She gets easily lost in the woods succumbing to an eagerness to have her slithers multiply as steed. Snakes on a boat! Snakes on a boat!  I know how a silent K can tell of tales of Knowledge of now, the present, while using violence to cure past needs once generations Knead. Molded images face fire, as ceramic outcomes must be kilned for the production of scolding bricks providing a path for a lost kid. Led by prodigal steers, a planter with no farm is quick to whip and slow to seed with priorities meant to limit the germination of any competing skill. Curtailed stilts stunts walks where body-doubles are mixed in to adopt an identity using only one drops, knowing their woman is always quick to dig in. Soiled tents are left uncovered through suggestions of splits. Enter this mocking bird with pride aware that my love's the only one that gets the whole of what is on the inside, hence the first to learn how to wear her expressions on the heel. Booty doubles as I watch her struts amid pirated ships carrying enough junk truncated to fit among flat trunks, to make fair, even her intellect is hid. Earth's woman churns seas turning death valleys into life hills. Since her cover is oft discarded as a mere redundancy of the sun's rays, her tongues capture reflections of any sound performed with zeal. Heart speech as the only word that leaves art free. The root of a tree with tell tale signs of poetry's divine recordings of the only Queen, to conquer Kings."

Queen IAfrika 
'Rasta nuh chat Rasta'

" not look good fi hav locs pon yo head and you a pray fi another man dead....."

Mitishamba ~ In Woman I trust
"Green Voices"  

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