Monday, July 1, 2013

Sura ya Kitabu ~ The Book's Face Covered

What's on your mind.......

June 5 via mobile
"Sins of a tethered nomad with no borders. Roaming a tree's shadow in circles going everywhere that tree bothers. A destination that never falters, obeying the commands of movement but as stationary as the ocean's waters. Embelished routers accruing direction covering distances a day offers. Without time, its authors, consumed with self-reflection as though germination confers. Subjects to discussion thus speech is in concert with a slave confined to pollination like bees buzzing around some flowers that envy the loafer in lotus. Old ways of producing new things that within a few days this nomad has wings and gives the tree its name, commiting a mortal sin - own grass." Mitishamba ~ Roam, man, path.etic order.

What's on your mind.....

April 18 via mobile
Had to give a spirited response on the path of hip hop/rap given Ricky Ross rape rhymes: Most rap these days has nothing to fight for so they choose women. Every mindless body is throwing jabs at our most precious resource, a woman, a black woman at that and still demand that she remains unblemished?! Sad........ "Deeply saddening how many commit such verbal offenses while expecting reason in return. No wonder you get the angry black woman. She's mad. Mad at how her lover sees her. By any deemed earth but the tone of every one of his sound comes with a broken and beat drum. Her strength still churns. This I love and see in her a seasoned veteran in being firm. Having such useless support has bound her to individual thought. Independent walks and if its matters of self preservation she became a father since even in his presence he is absent a lot."...I'm Mitishamba ~ and angry.

How presently I feel?!

Lutan Fyah
'Crystal Clear'

"....just set the rule and the people will follow, broad is the road to get pain and sorrow...."

Mitishamba ~ Hadi Kumi na Tatu
"Ngozi Majani"

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