Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the Wealthy Saint

"If money is the root of all evil then I'm a saint. So the green paint on my hands is just a placebo of wrongdoing. Not used for the purpose its intended but used to create a purpose and I intend to stop pretending that I'm evil coz shiiiit, I pay rent. And with that payment comes another payment followed by another payment that cleans my slate and every account that bares my name thus making my sainthood, permanent. Not being possessed by the the green devil has qualified me to become a devout member of the church of broke, not-a-dollar saints. This church has a lot of members who believe the same green devil can be their savior. So they embark on the behavior of saving up green and spending up green so they can paint pictures of being surrounded with green but really what's around them is nil, zilch, zero, or better yet, a placebo." 

"I own Green don't own me"

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