Friday, August 16, 2013

reading is the only cost of living, ya?! this is free.

"what to write what to write.....'i write for the thoughts that never got a second chance and the thoughts that never got a chance or a second.' ugh! no, no, this one! 'peace of mind is what i crave, and pray for. praying for the day my thoughts won't prey on my life and send me to the grave. my body depreciates by the day as my conscious eats away at the little motivation i might have, to move on. so i can't move. now i'm stagnated by the reality of my present state of being and my thoughts won't allow me to think of a better tomorrow because they keep reminding me of my state of being. and what's present in my state of being are empty pockets, and an uncertainty of when change will come. or whether the coming changes will fill these empty pockets, and clear my mind. because clearly i mind having pockets that are filled with emptiness. or being forced to empty my empty pockets for the so-called cost of living that costs the living, a fortune. and then someone boasts that we are fortunate to be living. as if living in itself brings about fortune to the living. and as i live, i can't help but realize how unfortunate i am to just be living. burdened by my thoughts of there's more to life than just breathing. there's more to life than just waking up and going to work and the next day repeat it. and the next day repeat it. an the next repeat it. and the next day?  i want more. and the more that i live the more i want more out of the life that i lead. come on life, let me live! allow me to enjoy the beautiful feeling of peace of mind. or at least be at ease for the time being because being without peace in my mind is killing my whole being. sort of ironic that i'm not only supposed to be fortunate, but also, living.'"

mitishamba ~ peace of art breathing
"i only bow to Her green"

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