Wednesday, September 18, 2013

dung huts

"thanks be to the plant that gives an animal purpose. giving its leaves freedom to determine their destiny on how they should exit as carcass. omnivorous beings playing hunters. gathering facts about how soil determines its coffers. they are the artists of wood who offer conniving carnivores options on what to do with a tree's hide. its supple sap sampled only by carvers' desires. sculptors of the contours of water as it gains form in form of dye. water conquers light just as dreams conquer the night with refracted memories of our communication with the sun's ire. green pigmentation on a leaf show how the artery and veins of a body is full of life's artistry. i see my skin and hand prints on a leaf's pattern as flattery.
a product that moves the furthest distant as its own existence can take its seed alive or dead through digestive systems of earthen tapestry. the foundation of what is treasure. shelter. living quarters built with rings as walls. ceramic tethers. clay pots used to give back to dirt as it cooks using the blessings of burnt turf, not for separating broths. a unified bowl with roofs thatched. going natural. a household built with the ground up. this is my dung hut. ghosts busted as the shining thing i've chosen for my build is the door no one can shut.
compounds of scum summed as slum means trees have little to fear as its home is well taken care of in every gut. Lazarus, the natural king. subjecting His kingdom to Her royal sphinx. the pride of a jungle with self-cultivated ink. animals penning everything in depths as deep as water can think. water thinks?! yes, these are fragmented moments of a breathing fish. the belly's beast. dormant scenes of a dark berry's valley echoing what whales are seeing. the higher the pitch, the fuller the well. lower sounds exude pride while the higher tone break glass' knell. barriers that mirror water giving off false depth perceptions on how space must exist, with bounds that swell. a tree only expands as far as water can tell. this is my dung hut. feces building what the mouth can't stomach or strut. mitishamba writing for Her to start living as what her nose and mouth must trust."

"speaking of green!"

the leaf and Dinka pic are thanks to and robert lankenau for being witness

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