Tuesday, October 29, 2013

attention bait

"an animal of love. smelling urine. organs of prisms. orgasms. information unloaded through the waters that lie inside. truth-marks of an existence of a previous solution. unheard questions answered. 'i was here'. magnets trapped. defecating living organisms unforced. fluids measuring the moods of every one of my moments. how often its spewed. i study rhythm. instincts caught. silent words. the labor of making a Mother. the keeper of sound. crunching barbs. point taken. recipient of garb. undressing a herd. my work extends beyond tasting what's Hers. food and loving are a sequence. just as naming children. being a man constitutes assembling all of two cents, and make Her one. testis making sound akin hands brought together to clap. frugal taps.  traveling lengths deep inside Her mind to find a heart. a Woman knows the origin, a man transports. if the journey is retrospective, salt. why look back at what a name is, when already that path has been dubbed. door shut. validity of individuals living on concrete unable to also build dug huts. a name; the enclosed hatch. a Mother's idea of multiplications solving a sum. so i acknowledge mine, and move forward to write. some sum slums scum, mine mines minds. love. loving. deep strokes of my identity coming. smelling urine. offering all of my senses to Her worth. i, mitishamba, do solemnly swear. on solomon's wear, i will dress in the presence of Her mental virgins unafraid of his indecision on a mare. my Woman eternally aware of what a caged bird bears. a kingdom of love released through a canal cultivated with care. mitishamba, in Woman i trust and as proof, Her roots still walk bare."


"clothed in green"

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