Thursday, October 17, 2013

family economics

"the present societal nucleus being a dollar, those that do not abide are force-fed one-a-day. an overdose of synthetic vitamins ensues. a solution intended to saturate creativity and in turn diffuse any progress that keeps generations in tune. social rhythms placed on bars where every note must have its identity struck with prints as marks of what an individual must infuse. put their soul in a queue. in line to forcefully accept nature's art as cotton kilned rather than letting one digest its hue. its the fear of green as the occupier of a dominant pew. the real farmer seated in a shade with animals as cues. a complete family that can live off its stool. dung huts full of wisdom on prudence. frugal. feudal. or the open hearts of closed minds. aware of the limitation hyenas at a fork on a road find. porcupines?! not quite. a thorny border of roses letting concrete unwind. its the heavy load that cements greed as spine. finally held back by protective flowery plants that poke fun at how rocks bind. broken cisterns with poor numerical retention in a house built of walls, but missing thatch. the shade that keeps count of what nature wants. opaqueness from the nucleus and nothing as porous as sand. a cell lacking an organic nucleus remains parched. predicaments of pillars built with a disconnect from dirt. all the while, this prudent soul writes. self preserved in art as complicated as a dollar yet openly taking swipes. these are backhand compliments towards those that regurgitate where their words have already been wiped. they are weeds, removed from the blueprints of a meticulous farmer migrating earth's scribes. missions openly aired, none scary. missionary pairs turned pulmonary. only allowing Her garden to exhale impurities through the fastest exhaust system while digestion remains mandatory. constantly absorbing light. as poised as a tree's hide. it accepts the challenge of the sun to keep its secrets as it reaches out. a plant traveling with its treasure intact. family matters of what it means to have each member with self reliant tact."

"from the green tribe"

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