Sunday, June 29, 2014

born of skin

"ravens roam the earth. doves perch. death all around a birth. droves search. questions unanswered drives diction as lanterns in dark tide. water delights. a flood of letters paints a hide. canvas, time. portrait portraying the root of a tribe. vertebrae, vine. the stump that manages to a bark, intertwine. a community of plants built through some form of glide. slither into the existence of another and gather itself into a sigh. breath of false air freshened by wails to an imaginary rye. a plant splitting a complete farm constructed with a bounty of thighs. the strong stomp the yard since the presence of these weeds calls for making wine. only strength survives. the art of channeling what lies on the surface and fermenting truth inside. a war fought to extinguish the battle of what if means to Know size. tension among prides show predictions of hunters having sides. a potter's demise. its tree was just a mold; baking. branches broken. why not find out how grass keeps stride. where to, trees of a dye?! a silent k tries to knit true vowels with i. the unknown, Ishmael. el a. dirt's carpet beginning from the end of another's scribe. meaning eid rather pain be my revelation than become a rotten apple in minds. an idea that can't be buried lacks fertility to attract Her bites. let alone vibe. born of a skin that absorbs punches but reflects crime. a figure cut from the naked eye. present to a discerning sight. clothed in a garb mummies despise. decay being seen as sin in those that desire continuous speech speaks to a fear from within that's needs i, the mockingbird, to chime. born of sin, born of a skin carrying a farm of feathers coated with zeal. the likeness of leaves, my trees grow suckling the sun as a raven might."

mitishamba ~ branches were taken, not roots.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

being mitishamba

"where language is law. the identity of thought that allows one to navigate the dark corners of a straight course. the door. mitishamba ni ulimi mzito unaochonga roho kama kinoo. bore ase omogano bwobogima, botabwati chintoro."

mitishamba ~ green dreams speak reality.
'majani mdomoni'